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When We Partner with Industry, the Impact is High

The University of Illinois is arguably the most interdisciplinary university in the country. Within the School of Chemical Sciences (SCS), the "Illinois model" of interdepartmental cooperation has a long history. And, we recognize the importance of cooperation between industry and academia in maintaining the leadership of both.

Fuel cell imageCollaboration with the best chemical engineers and chemists is a catalyst for new business opportunities. Whether you are interested in augmenting your internal research capabilities, investigating novel technologies or seeking talented employees, the Office of Corporate Relations in the School of Chemical Sciences (SCS), connects you with the resources you need to be successful in a rapidly changing business environment.

What We Offer

Student Talent

A large pool of exceptionally talented undergraduate and graduate students for hiring into full-time or intern positions. We have over 900 undergraduate and 400 graduate students in residence, with top test scores and class rankings.


Our corporate partners have access to well equipped and expertly staffed service facilities for high throughput screening, mass spectrometry, chemical microanalysis, NMR, x-ray diffraction, and others.

Faculty Expertise

Two top ranked departments containing 75 faculty with worldwide recognition. We have close collaboration with Fortune 500 companies in areas like energy and sustainability, human health, semiconductors, consumer products, etc. Our faculty engage companies in many ways, including material transfer agreements, consulting, sponsored research agreements, technical advising, small-company entrepreneurship and others.

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