Harley Lab Research Overview

The Engineered Cellular Microenvironments and Microstructures (ECM2) lab, in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of lllinois, develops tools to fabricate, characterize, model, and use three-dimensional biomaterials for a wide range of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications. A central paradigm of our work is the development of engineered microstructures that allow modulation of extrinsic regulators of cell behavior in defined increments, and their use to identify material properties to improve construct bioactivity or to induce desired cell behaviors at the single cell or cell population levels. Our research thrusts are primarily focused on developing materials and methods that can be applied to clinically-based problems, are of interest to biomaterial and biotechnological companies, and emphasize multi-disciplinary, collaborative interactions with colleagues in both academia and industry.

Lab News

Nov 2014 Dr. Harley elected to AAAS
Dr. Harley is one of six University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign faculty members (also Placid Ferreira, Joseph Lyding, Phil... [more]

Nov 2014 Award recipients at the BMES CMBE meeting
Dr. Harley and Rebecca will be traveling to the 2015 BMES CMBE meeting, 'From Womb to Tomb: Mechanobiology of Generation, Regen... [more]

Nov 2014 Welcome Seema!
The Harley Lab welcomes a new postdoc – Seema Ehsan. Seema received her PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Ca... [more]

Oct 2014 Sarah Laken wins 1st prize in poster competition at SWE National Conference!
Congrats to Sarah Laken, an Bioengineering undergrad in HarleyLab, who received 1st prize in the Undergraduate Poster Competiti... [more]

Oct 2014 Jackie receives Hanratty Travel Fellowship
Congrats to Jackie Pence for receiving a Hanratty travel fellowship from the ChBE department to support attending the 2014 TERM... [more]

Recent Publications

2014. W.D. Chen, K.D. Long, H. Yu, Y. Tan, J.S. Choi, B.A. Harley, B.T. Cunningham*, Enhanced live cell imaging via photonic crystal enhanced fluorescence microscopy, Analyst [DOI]

2014. J.M. Banks, L.C. Mozdzen, B.A. Harley, R.C. Bailey*, The combined effects of matrix stiffness and growth factor immobilization on the bioactivity and differentiation capabilities of adipose-derived stem cells, Biomaterials [DOI]

2014. J.C. Pence, E.A. Gonnerman, R.C. Bailey, B.A. Harley*, Strategies to balance covalent and non-covalent biomolecule attachment within collagen-GAG biomaterials, Biomater. Sci. [DOI]


Brendan Harley, Sc.D.
University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign
Dept. of Chemical and
Biomolecular Engineering

110 Roger Adams Lab, MC-712, Box C-3
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Urbana, IL 61801 USA

Phone: 217.244.7112
Fax: 217.333.5052
Email: bharley@Illinois.edu