Research Overview

The Engineered Cellular Microenvironments and Microstructures (ECM2) lab, in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of lllinois, develops tools to fabricate, characterize, model, and use three-dimensional biomaterials for a wide range of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications. A central paradigm of our work is the development of engineered microstructures that allow modulation of extrinsic regulators of cell behavior in defined increments, and their use to identify material properties to improve construct bioactivity or to induce desired cell behaviors at the single cell or cell population levels. Our research thrusts are primarily focused on developing materials and methods that can be applied to clinically-based problems, are of interest to biomaterial and biotechnological companies, and emphasize multi-disciplinary, collaborative interactions with colleagues in both academia and industry.

Lab News

Feb 2014 Steven's multilineage supplementation paper accepted in Tissue Engineering!
Congratulations to Steven Caliari for the acceptance of his new article, “Collagen-GAG scaffold biophysical properties bias M... [more]

Feb 2014 Harley Lab receives AO Foundation support
Dr. Harley has received a 2-year grant from the AO Foundation entitled 'Multi-scale PCL-collagen composites for large bone defe... [more]

Jan 2014 Sara Pedron heads successful CPLC 10K pilot project proposal
Congratulations to Sara Pedron and Ha/Leckband group graduate student Zainab Rahil for their successful 10K pilot project propo... [more]

Jan 2014 Steven's multi-lineage differentiation article accepted in Adv Healthc Matls
Congratulations to Steven Caliari and Dr. Harley for the acceptance of a their new article, “Structural and biochemical modif... [more]

Dec 2013 Steven Caliari named to 2014 Tissue Engineering Young Investigator Council
Congratulations to lab alum Steven Caliari, who was just named to the 2014 Young Investigator Council for the journal Tissue E... [more]

Recent Publications

2014. S.R. Caliari, L.C. Mozdzen, O.E. Armitage, M.L. Oyen, B.A. Harley*, Periodically-perforated core-shell collagen biomaterials balance cell infiltration, bioactivity, and mechanical properties, J Biomed Mater Res A [DOI]

2014. S.R. Caliari, B.A. Harley*, Structural and biochemical modification of a collagen scaffold to selectively enhance MSC tenogenic, chondrogenic, and osteogenic differentiation, Adv Healthc Matls [DOI]

2014. S.R. Caliari, B.A. Harley*, Collagen-GAG scaffold biophysical properties bias MSC lineage choice in the presence of mixed soluble signals [DOI]


Brendan Harley, Sc.D.
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