University of Illinois AIChE Constitution

Mission Statement
Chapter Organization
Maintenance of the Constitution
Amendments to the Constitution

Updated Spring 2013


The name of this organization shall be the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and known simply as the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). Here within, any mention of the "Chapter" and the "University" shall be in reference to the above said organization and university respectively. Any mention of the "Board" shall be in reference to the chapter's officer board as outlined in Article II, Section A.

Mission Statement

Article I: Membership

Article II: Chamber Organization

Section A: Officer Board Positions 
The administrative and policy-making responsibilities of the Chapter are vested in an officer board to serve the entire academic year consisting of the following positions in order of succession: The President, External Vice President, Internal Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary will comprise the Executive Board. The Executive Board will meet at least every two weeks during the school year in order to facilitate and evaluate the Chapter's progression towards its goals.

The officer board, by vote of ¾ of the officer board members, has the power to extend its membership by creation of a new and clearly defined officer position. Each new position may be constitutionally defined by a subsequent addition of an amendment to this constitution. The removal of an executive board position shall constitute a repetition of the above process and is effective on the final day of the semester during which the vote is made.

Section B: Eligibility
The President, External Vice President, Internal Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary will comprise the Executive Board. The Executive Board will meet at least every two weeks during the school year in order to facilitate and evaluate the Chapter's progression towards its goals.

If an officer will be absent for a semester during the time that they would serve on the board, they are ineligible for any position.

In addition to the requirements set further in the previous paragraph, the Chapter president must also have held an executive board position prior to election to the office of president or be nominated to run by the Executive Officer Board. In the case when less than two executive board members run for the office of president, any member of the officer board shall be eligible. In the case when no candidates who seek the office of president fulfill the above requirements, presidential requirements shall only be defined as in the previous paragraph.

The Freshman Class Representative must be a freshman.

The position of ChemE Car Chair must be filled by someone who has been on ChemE Car Team previously.

The position of Regional Conference Chair must be filled by someone who has previously been in that position or has been active on the committee.

Section C: General Officer Responsibilities
Each officer shall be required to maintain a binder and computer disk containing all typed correspondences, informational publications, records of events and all other records of his/her activities. This binder shall also include all event assessment forms that he/ she completed during his/her term. This record shall be transferred to the new officers before the end of the academic year to facilitate the transfer of administrations. The Chapter shall provide any supplies that Board members require in fulfilling their duties. Each officer is also endowed the power to form a committee to assist with the responsibilities of a position. Each officer shall be also responsible for maintaining office hours in the AIChE office and attending all relevant chapter events barring conflicts. Each officer shall also follow all procedures and rules as outlined by the AIChE Officer Handbook.

For a current officer to be eligible to run for office again, he/she must obtain 3 Tier I points and 3 Tier II points each semester that he/ she is in office. Additionally, each officer must participate in two service events as determined by the philanthropy chair. If an officer is unable to attend two service events, he/ she must coordinate with the philanthropy chair to work out alternative arrangements. Throughout the school year, each officer is required to participate in either ChemE Car or the Mentor Program. During the spring semester, each officer is required to participate in Engineering Open House to some capacity—this could be participating in a group, mentoring a group, volunteering for the Chapter’s EC requirements, or helping the EOH chairs with setting up/ taking down EOH exhibits.

Section D: Committee Involvement
Any officer may organize and lead a committee if it is beneficial to the chapter. Committee formation must be proposed to the executive board and approved by majority rule, then introduced to the officer board and approved again by majority rule. Committees may be structured at the discretion of the officer in charge. The President of the chapter serves as an ex-officio member on all committees within the chapter. The requirements of the committees are as follows: Maringa Sister Chapter Committee

Maringa is the AIChE sister chapter located in Maringa, Brazil. The sister chapter program is present to foster international communication in Chemical Engineering and help to improve both chapters. This committee is not tied to any set officer position. The committee will follow the following guidelines:
Section E: President
The following shall be the responsibilities of the President during his/her term:
Section F: External Vice President
The following shall be the responsibilities of the External Vice President during his/her term:
Section G: Internal Vice President
The following shall be the responsibilities of the Internal Vice President during his/her term:
Section H: Treasurer
The following shall be the responsibilities of the Treasurer during his/her term: To avoid automatic impeachment (See Article V, section B) the treasurer must:
Section I: Secretary
The following shall be the responsibilities of the Secretary during his/her term:
Section J: Social Chair
The following shall be the responsibilities of the Social Chair during his/her term:
Section K: Society Representative
The following shall be the responsibilities of the Society Representative during his/her term:
Section L: Philanthropy Chair
The following shall be the responsibilities of the Philanthropy Chair during his/her term:
Section M: Intramurals Chair
The following shall be the responsibilities of the Intramural Chair during his/her term:
Section N: Engineering Open House Chair
The following shall be the responsibilities of the EOH Chairs during their terms:
Section O: ChemE Car Chair
The following shall be the responsibilities of the ChemE Car Chair during his/her term:
Section P: Technology Master
The following shall be the responsibilities of the Technology Master during his/her term:
Section Q: Regional Conference Chair
The positions of Regional Conference Chair is a temporary board position between the ratification of this constitution through the end of the Spring 2015 semester when the conference has been executed and an officer report has been filed for future reference. The following shall be the responsibilities of the Regional Conference Chair during his/her term:
Section S: Freshman Class Representative
The following shall be the responsibilities of the Freshman Class Representative during his/her term:

Article III: Elections

Section A: General Information

The fall and spring academic semesters at the University of Illinois shall be the operating academic semesters for the Chapter. The semester begins on the first day of instruction and concludes on the final day of examinations. General elections for positions on the officer board shall take place within one month before the conclusion of the academic year. Election to a newly created board position must occur during the regularly scheduled elections. A new board position may not be created and filled during the course of an operating semester. Barring vacancy, the officer board roster on the final day of an elective operating semester shall remain unchanged until the final day of the next operating semester.

Special elections are deemed necessary if an officer board position has been vacated and shall operate in the same manner as to be described for general body elections. Special elections will be held as necessary. For special elections held at the end of the fall semester (in preparation for the spring semester), any current paid active member is eligible to run for the position. In the case that a special election is required before the end of the semester (in the case that an officer resigns or is impeached), only those members who were paid active members in the previous semester, who were part of the leaving officer's committee, or who are nominated by the leaving officer or President are eligible to run.

Section B: Voter Eligibility

The membership, as determined from a week prior to elections, includes paid members of the Chapter. Only the membership is entitled to vote and each member may only cast one vote for each position except for the election of the EOH Chairs in which three votes may be cast.

Section C: Election Application & Publicity

Written applications will be taken up to two weeks before the Election Day and an individual may apply for, but not hold, a maximum of three officer positions. Applications will request the applicant's name, address, telephone number, year in school, email address, relevant experience data, and a chance for the applicant to submit a brief statement of their choice. For each application, candidates will be required to obtain the signature of the current officer in the position.

One week prior to Election Day, all applications submitted will be compiled alphabetically and by position and be made available to the membership for viewing. Late applications will be integrated into the other applications as needed up to three days prior to elections but will be marked as late. Copies of the complied applications will also be available on the day of election for viewing.

Announcements of elections shall be made through flyers, and e-mailings of general body members. A copy of the Constitution and By-Laws of the chapter will be made available to candidates prior to the election. Printed ballots will be made prior to the elections.

Section D: Election Supervision

The highest-ranking non-eligible officer shall preside over all electoral meetings and processes following the outlined restrictions below. No member of the membership outside the officer board is entitled to participate in the operation of the elections. The three highest-ranking board members not eligible for election shall be responsible for distributing, collecting, and counting of the ballots and shall be referenced to as "voting officials." If no such board member(s) exist, the highest-ranking board member(s) who are not candidates for that particular election shall fill the vacancy. No candidates shall be allowed to participate in the distributing, collecting, and counting of the ballots for their own elections. Voting officials shall not tally the ballots for their respective position.

Section E: Voting Process

The voting process shall be followed as outlined below. The order of election shall follow the order of succession as outlined in Article II: Section A. This order will be flexible to accommodate candidates placing a special request at least three days prior to elections in the case where their order of preference for the positions of interest do not follow the order of election.

Candidates will be allowed to speak on their own behalf in alphabetical order. Speeches will be limited to a time of 2 minutes for an Executive Board position and 1 minute for the remaining Officer Board positions. Candidates will then be asked to leave the electoral room. Supportive comments from the audience only will be taken (unless the President or voting officials, feel it is imperative that a bad trait be expressed). "Pros" will be limited to three per candidate per position. The officer presiding over elections will not be allowed to "pro" a candidate. Also, the voting official tallying the votes for any given position will not be able to present a supportive comment for that particular position.

All elections shall be decided by secret ballot and based on majority vote. If a nominee receives a majority of those voting, the election is complete and the nominee is considered elected to the board position for the following academic year (two operating semesters). If more then 3 candidates are running for the same office and one candidate does not receive a majority of the votes, a runoff vote will be held with the top two candidates. Candidates will not be allowed to speak again prior to the re-vote. In the case of a tie in a runoff vote, the presiding executive board, minus the said candidates, shall break the tie via a secret ballot. Floor nominations shall only be taken in the situation where no individuals run for a position, but successful nominees must still meet candidate eligibility rules as stated in earlier. A recount of a vote shall be taken then at least two nominees request the recount.

Any officer positions not filled during regularly held elections can be filled at future general body meetings following voting procedures outlined above.

The election process for the position of Freshman Representative will be operated in a different fashion. Applications for the position of Freshman Representative will be accepted at the beginning of each school year. The top applicants, as chosen by the President and the previous year's Freshman Representative will be invited for an interview. After the interviews, which are conducted by the President and previous Freshman Representative, the Freshman Representative will be selected. If desired, a Freshmen Committee can be formed from two of the other applicants that were interviewed for the position.

Article IV: Finances

The funding for the activities of the Student Chapter of AIChE is obtained through the Department of Chemical Engineering, Engineering Council, company grants, SORF funds (when available), fundraisers and membership dues of $10. Money is not solicited until ample time is given for companies to offer such gifts. The Department of Chemical Engineering contributes the largest sum and is the ultimate source when all other options have been explored.Engineering contributes the largest sum and is the ultimate source when all other options have been explored. Funding for philanthropy can be done through fundraisers, corporate sponsorship, or the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Article V: Impeachment

Section A: Normal Impeachment

If an officer board member is found to be acting in their position in a way which may be defined as extraordinarily detrimental to the objectives of the Chapter or to be guilty of crimes and/or misdemeanors or fail any requirements set forth in Article II, the Chapter may begin procedures for impeachment amongst the officer board. A formal impeachment of an officer may be rendered through the signing of a majority of officer board members to a written statement detailing the causes for impeachment or by a similar petition signed by one of the membership of the Chapter.

To remove an impeached board member from a board position, the signing board members must present the impeachment statement to a general meeting of the membership and receive 2/3 majority vote from the membership in favor of removal from the position. The vote shall be done through secret ballot. The membership in this case includes all officer board members and both paid and paid active members. The impeached board member shall be informed of the impeachment with adequate time before its presentation, and allowed to speak against the impeachment at the event and is allowed to vote. Impeached board members unwilling to speak against impeachment shall submit a resignation and thereby be removed from the officer board position, thus creating a vacancy.

Section B: Automatic Impeachment

Due to the nature of the position, the treasurer and only the treasurer, may be subject to automatic impeachment. For the treasurer to avoid automatic impeachment, he/ she must follow all guidelines set forth in Article II, and must also adhere to the following rules. The treasurer must:

To assist the treasurer, he/ she is allowed to establish arbitrary deadlines for reimbursements relative to when the expense was incurred. In addition, the treasurer is allowed two strikes against these guidelines. Upon the third strike, the automatic impeachment will begin.

Upon determination that the treasurer has had three strikes, the treasure is automatically impeached, and a special officer meeting will be called to address the issue. The President will explain what the circumstances surrounding the strikes/ impeachment, and the treasure will be given a chance to explain him/herself. Following this, the officer board will vote on the impeachment via secret ballot. This vote is to reverse the impeachment. A positive vote with a 2/3 majority will reverse the impeachment, bringing the treasurer back into office. With any less than 2/3 majority, the impeachment shall not be reversed and this decision shall be final.

Article VI: Maintenance of Constitution

All officer board members shall maintain a copy of the current Constitution. Any Chapter member may request a copy of the Constitution from any board member. A signed, up-to-date copy of the constitution shall be kept on file in the Chapter's office and with the University RSO office at all times.

It shall be the policy of the Board to review the Constitution and Bylaws at the beginning of the spring semester and propose any changes to the general body. The Internal Vice-President along with the President shall facilitate the revision process and administer the adoption of changes made to the Constitution.

Article VII: Amendments to the Constitution

Any member of the Chapter may propose amendments to the Constitution at any regular general body meeting. Petitions signed by at least 1/5 of the current members must accompany amendments.

All proposals shall be reviewed by the officer board and with 2/3 majority vote by the board, the proposal shall be brought before the membership. Adoption of an amendment shall be by three-fourths vote of all paid members attending a regular general body meeting. All approved revisions and amendments to the constitution shall take effect the semester following the acceptance vote.

Article VIII: Ratification

This constitution shall become law of the Chapter upon ratification. Proposed changes to the constitution shall be advertised to the general body and presented at a general body meeting. Successful ratification shall entail the approval of 2/3 of current Board members and by three-fourths vote of all paid members attending a regular general body meeting. Members unable to attend the voting session shall be allowed to review the proposals and cast their vote up to one week prior to the meeting. This constitution recognizes the validity of previous by-laws and constitutions, the validity of all officer elections that were completed previous to ratification, and general University guidelines and policies.