Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't a fraternity supposed to be for men only?

Although most fraternities for women call themselves sororities, fraternity is the more general term for a Greek letter organization. We are a fraternity in the true sense of word. Interestingly, all members are referred to as brothers, including our female members.

What is pledging?

You can join some organizations simply by filling out a form and mailing in your dues; however, joining a fraternity is more work. Pledging is a process where you associate with our fraternity for several months before becoming a member. This gives you and us a chance to get know each other before we both decide it is time for you to become a full member.

What is rush?

Rush occurs during the first two weeks of school. It is the recruitment process where a fraternity finds people who might become pledges. We set up a table on Quad Day and hold a few information sessions during rush.

What is a Professional Fraternity?

A Professional Fraternity chooses its members based on common professional goals and interests. The more common social fraternities choose their members based on common social interests.

Who can pledge AXE and when can I pledge?

Anyone who is going to take at least three Chemistry or Chemistry related courses. This means that most scientists and engineers are qualified. Any year is an ideal time to pledge - this of course includes people up to and including the graduate level and professionals. We usually conduct pledging during both the fall and spring semesters.

Is pledging fun?

We hope so! If you don't find it fun (which is highly unlikely), you probably won't find becoming a member fun either.

How much of a time commitment is pledging?

A few hours a week maximum. We have mandatory pledge meetings once a week and recommended activities on some weekends. The times commitment is more than to join most clubs and other organizations, but much less than to join a social fraternity. We won't wake you up at 5am to do push-ups!

What will I do as a pledge?

As a pledge you will have a pledge family, a set of active members to act as mentors and assist you through the pledging process. You have to learn a little about the fraternity's history and alchemy. Mostly though, you will be having fun and learning what brotherhood is all about.

Is AXE only in Champaign-Urbana?

No. AXE has about 50 collegiate chapters throughout the country. One of the coolest parts about the fraternity is visiting another chapter or meeting brothers from a different part of the country.

Can I join another frat/sorority if I join AXE?

Yes! In fact, several of our brothers are also in social fraternities and sororities.

I'm a grad student. What about me?

We are not only undergrads. Many of our active members are graduate students. In fact, many professors are also AXE brothers (including some with Nobel Prizes). Since we are a professional fraternity, we also have active presence in industry and a number of professional chapters. AXE isn't just for undergrads, it's for life.