The Krug Lecture


Louis G. Krug initiated with the Zeta Chapter on January 16, 1915. In addition to his activities in the Chapter, he played a variety of sports and played in the University Band. After graduating in 1918, he worked for the William Wrigley Company of Chicago and the Rawhide Manufacturing company. He retired to California in 1962, where he died in 1972.

Brother Krug left a substantial bequest to the Zeta Chapter. We have used his bequest to establish an annual lecture series. The Krug Lectures bring faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates together to share in the riches of Chemistry. The interest from Brother Krug's bequest pays the annual expenses of the lectures so that the Krug Lectures will be a permanant memorial for a brother who held Alpha Chi Sigma dear to him.

Past Lecturers

2014Dr. Tom Knight, School of Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2013Dr. Berend Smit, University of California Berkeley
2012Dr. Barbara L.F. Kaplan, Michigan State University
2011Professor Richard Hartel, University of Wisconsin at Madison
2010Cary Supalo, Pennsylvania State University
2009Professor Jonathan Sweedler & Professor Ira Carmen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2008Professor Theodore L. Brown, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2007Dr. Robert J. Finley, Sustainable Environment, Illinois State Geological Survey
2006Professor William A. Goddard III, Physical Chemistry, California Institute of Technology
2005Professor R. Steven Berry, Physical Chemistry, The University of Chicago
2004Professor H. Scott Fogler, Chemical Engineering, The University of Michigan
2003Professor Frank Millett, The University of Arkansas
2000Professor James W. Jorgenson. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1999Professor Jon C. Clardy, Cornell University
1997Professor John T. Yates, University of Pittsburgh
1996Professor Richard R. Schrock, Massachusetts Institution of Technology
1995Professor Dudley R. Hershbach, Harvard University
1994Professor Lynn Jelinski, (formerly Cornell University)
1993Professor Albert I. Meyers, Colorado State University
1992Professor Jacqueline K. Barton, California Tech University
1991Professor Thomas Cech, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Colorado
1990Professor Robert G. Bergman, University of California, Berkeley
1989Professor Robert L .Baldwin, Stanford University
1988Professor Gabor Somorjai, University of California, Berkeley
1987Professor F. Albert Cotton, Texas A & M University
1986Professor Rudolf A. Marcus, California Institute of Technology
1985Professor Elias Corey, Harvard University
1984Professor Herbert S. Gutowsky, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1983Professor Fred Basolo, Northwestern University
1982Alfred R. Bader, Aldrich Chemical Company
1981Professor Herbert C. Brown, Purdue University
1980Professor Melvin Calvin, University of California at Berkely
1979Professor Harry B. Gray, California Institute of Technology
1978Professor Paul J. Flory, Stanford University
1977Professor George Kistiakowsky, Harvard University
1976Professor Henry Eyring, University of Utah
1975Professor Hubert C. Alyea, Princeton University