History of ΑΧΣ

The Alpha Chi Sigma fraternity was organized at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in late 1902 by a group of undergraduates who were fellow students of chemistry at that time.

The original founders were:

  • Raymond Tracy Conger
  • Harold Everett Eggers
  • Joseph Gerard Holty
  • Alfred Emil Kundert
  • Joseph Howard Mathews
  • Adward Gustav Mattke
  • Bart Eldred McCormick
  • Frank Joseph Petura
  • James Chrisholm Silverthorn

Conger had to leave school shortly after the founding, but the fraternity still grew by conducting two initiations within its first six months. The creation of the fraternity was a collaborative effort of founders and new initiates, but Mathews was the driving force behind the organization. Of the nine founders, four - Holty, Kundert, Mathews, and Petura - would eventually become national officers.

The first Constitution and By-Laws were adopted on December 15, 1902. To Eggers was given the task of naming the new society. His suggestion was Alpha Chi; the Sigma was added at the suggestion of Petura.

The founders also held a vision of a national fraternity right from the start, contacting the University of Illinois in early 1903. In order to expand beyond the boundaries of Wisconsin, Petura and Silverthorn were assigned the task of incorporating the fraternity. After a flurry of rapid correspondence between Alpha Chi Sigma and the Wisconsin Secretary of State, the fraternity was officially incorporated on January 22, 1904. It turned out, that the second chapter of this fraternity would be in Minnesota, instead of Illinois.

History by the Numbers

1902- Alpha Chi Sigma founded at the University of Wisconsin.
1903- Badge first displayed. First initiation.
1904- Incorporation of Alpha Chi Sigma.
1908- First truly national Biennial Conclave held at Madison, Wisconsin.
1910- Hexagon of Alpha Chi Sigma first published. First alumni chapter formed (Chicago).
1913- Scholarship Award instituted.
1918- No Conclave/all members of the Supreme Council in military service
1919- "District Deputies" (Counselors) attend their first concl
1922- Professional Branch established.
1924- Ritual revised to near its present form. Board of Trustees appointed to manage reserve funds of Fraternity.
1927- Harry A. Curtis publishes 25-year history.
1934- Systematic study of alchemy as it pertains to Alpha Chi Sigma authorized.
1940- Supreme Council urges adoption of safety programs by chapters, and appoints committee.
1948- Restrictive membership clause modified.
1952- Fiftieth Anniversary Conclave held at Madison, Wisconsin.
1954- All restrictive membership clauses removed.
1958- Establishment of Alpha Chi Sigma Educational Foundation.
1964- Professional Recognition Ceremony adopted.
1970- Admission of women into Alpha Chi Sigma approved at 30th Biennial Conclave.
1971- First women initiated into Alpha Chi Sigma.
1980- Collegiate Activities Committee formed.
1981- Alpha Chi Sigma "Hall of Fame" instituted. National headquarters building construc
1983- H. E. Minnerly Fund established.
1984- Professional Representatives added to Grand Chapter. First woman elected to Supreme Council.
2002- Centennial Conclave held at Madison, Wisconsin.