Zeta Chapter Bylaws

Article I: Function

A. This constitution shall not take precedence over any part of the National Constitution of Alpha Chi Sigma.
B. Gender-specific words are used in this constitution for simplicity only and are not intended to designate gender.

Article II: Membership

A. Brothers of the Zeta chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma shall remain active members by fulfilling active requirements approved by the chapter in a popular vote early in each semester.
B. The Executive Board reserves the right to waive or grant active status in extenuating circumstances.
C. Brothers shall keep the secrets of the fraternity.
D. Active members may:
       a. make, second, or vote on any motion
       b. attend chapter events
       c. hold elected or appointed office
       d. perform any other duties and functions as stated in the constitution of Alpha Chi Sigma.

Article III: Offices

A. Terms of office
       a. The following offices shall be elected for a term of one semester: Master Alchemist, Vice Master Alchemist, Master of Ceremonies, Professional Chair, Social Chair and Recorder.
       b. The following offices shall be elected in the Spring Semester and be held for the term of one academic year: Reporter, Alumni Secretary, Engineering Council Representative and Krug Chair.
       c. An assistant treasurer will be elected in the fall semester. At the end of the immediately following spring semester, he will be        approved as treasurer for the following academic year by a majority vote from the chapter. In the event that the chapter does not approve        the assistant treasurer, a traditional election of the treasurer will take place immediately following the election of the Master of        Ceremonies.
       d. A summer treasurer will be elected for the summer term.
       e. The summer treasurer may hold one additional elected or appointed position.
       f. The Master Alchemist shall appoint members for a term of one semester to the positions of Attendance Chair, Tutoring Chair,        Intramural Athletics Chair, webmaster alchemist, Assistant to the Engineering Council representative, and any temporary offices        deemed necessary. Each appointment must be approved by a majority vote from the chapter.

B. Co-Chairs
       a. Co-officers are not permitted for the positions of MA, MC, Recorder, Treasurer, and Reporter.
       b. Given the event that one co-chair is unable to fulfill his responsibility in office, the remaining co-chair has the choice to run the office        alone or accept a replacement co-chair. To replace a co-chair after elections, the chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma will cast an impromptu        election at the chapter's earliest convenience. The election will occur as follows:
              i. The current chair (whose position is irrevocable) shall elect a running mate of his choice.
              ii. Candidates from the previous election who lost shall have the option to run again, individually, as an additional co-chair. In the               event that no previous candidates choose to run, the chapter shall pick a running mate that they feel adequate in holding the               co-chair position. The new co-chair will be elected by majority vote.

C. Responsibilities of office
       a. All officers must complete their duties as set forth by the Constitution
       b. The position of treasurer shall be succeeded by the Assistant Treasurer
       c. The Assistant Treasurer shall be under the tutelage of the Treasurer and shall act as an assistant through the spring semester. The        Assistant Treasurer shall be authorized to collect dues but shall NOT be able to settle chapter debts.
       d. The Alumni Secretary shall publish an annual Zeta Ion.
       e. The EC Rep shall be an elected position that maintains status with Engineering Council and meets and fulfills the following        requirements:
              1) Must be an Engineer
              2) Must have a graduation date of at least one year after elections
              3) Must attend EC Meetings Regularly
              4) Must report to the chapter the content of the meetings as it pertains to the chapter
              5) Must coordinate an Exhibit for Engineering Open House
              6) Must present opportunities for financial backing of fraternity sponsored events
              7) Shall advise the Master Alchemist of an appropriate Assistant to the Engineering Council Representative
       f. The Social Chair shall be the chair of the social committee

D. Election and Removal of Officers
       a. Nominations for the elected offices shall have two phases. After the first chapter post pinning ceremony, nominations will be opened for the office of MA, VMA, and MC. Nominations will resume for all additional positions at the third to the last regular chapter meeting of the semester and will continue through the day of elections. Elections will take place on the second to the last regular chapter meeting.
       b. Candidates for office must accept the nomination and have the support of at least one other active member.
       c. Elections of officers shall be held in the order listed in Article III-A.
       d. With all other candidates removed, each candidate shall make a time-limited speech on the day of elections and shall answer        questions from the chapter.
       e. To win an election, a candidate must receive more than 1/2 of all cast votes. If no one candidate receives the majority of votes, a        run-off vote between the two highest vote-getting candidates shall decide the election.
       f. Installation of officers shall occur at the last regular meeting of the semester.
       g. An officer may be removed from office by calling for a vote of no confidence. A 2/3 majority is required to remove the officer. Should the        MA ever come under such a vote, the VMA shall conduct such proceedings.
       h. In the event an office becomes vacant, nominations are to be opened at the earliest opportunity. Election of a replacement shall take        place at the next regular chapter meeting. Any officer temporarily filling a vacancy may decline a permanent appointment for that term.
       i. Any member of the chapter who wishes to count votes may not vote
       j. Brothers must be present to cast a vote unless previous arrangements have been approved.
       k. Each brother may cast only one vote.
       l. The Master Alchemist shall not vote except in the case of a tie in a two-candidate election

Article IV: The Executive Board

A. The Executive Board will be comprised of all elected officers and the treasurer

B. The Executive board:
       a. shall have the powers of the chapter during the summer, interim periods, and emergency situations, including the allocations of        moneys not budgeted toward normal fraternity affairs.
       b. shall consider and report on matters of policy
       c. Shall meet as necessary
       d. shall have the power to make decisions concerning the house and chapter operations and shall report them to the chapter at the        next regularly scheduled meeting. The chapter has the power to veto such decisions by a simple majority vote. Non-emergency        decisions by the executive committee shall not be enacted until they have been reviewed by the chapter.
       e. shall always meet in open session except when addressing initial charges against any officer, member, pledge, or house resident.
       f. shall have its proceedings and minutes kept by the Recorder
       g. Shall see that committees mandated by the constitution are assembled and perform their assigned duties

C. Any member of the executive board may call an executive board meeting

D. A reasonable amount of notice must be given prior to executive board meetings.

E. Any power not enumerated here shall be reserved for the active chapter.

Article V: Pledging and Initiation

A. A candidate for pledgeship into the Zeta Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma:
       1. shall be a faculty member OR a student of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign or Parkland College.
       2. shall pass an initial pledge vote of the active members by a simple majority.

B. Pledges must meet requirements set forth by the VMA before initiation. The active chapter may waive any requirement with a 75% vote.

C. Pledges must attend initiation at the Zeta or another chapter in order to become full members.

D. The Zeta chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma adheres to the pledging standards and procedures outlined in the National Constitution.

Article VI: Chapter Meetings

A. The Zeta Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma shall have regular meetings every week of the school year at a designated time approved by the chapter.

B. The quorum for chapter meetings will consist of the greater of 2/5 of the total active membership or 15 people.

C. The order of business shall be set forth as deemed appropriate by the MA.

D. Any motion will pass following a second and a majority vote of voting members present at the chapter meeting.

Article VII: Chapter House

A. Any chapter house will be administered by rules set forth by the residents of the house

B. The house rules will not violate any portion of the bylaws of the Zeta chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma or the National Constitution and bylaws of Alpha Chi Sigma.

Article VIII: Adoption, Suspension, and Amendment Procedures

A. These bylaws will be ratified, and all former versions of the bylaws of the Zeta chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma will be discontinued following a 2/3 affirmative vote of voting active members present at any chapter meeting, providing quorum is met.

B. Suspension of this constitution in part or in its entirety requires a 3/4 vote of the total active membership.

C. To propose an amendment, it must first be offered in writing to the Executive Committee by an active member. It can then be proposed at the next regular meeting of the chapter and must be seconded. An affirmative simple majority vote of the members present is necessary to consider the amendment.

D. To adopt a proposed amendment, it must receive a 3/4 vote of all active members present.

E. Amendments shall be voted on at the last three chapter meetings of every spring semester.

F. Amendments shall become active immediately upon adoption.

Article IX: Non-Discrimination Clause

A. The Zeta Chapter of the Alpha Chi Sigma fraternity does not condone or tolerate discrimination based on but not limited to race, color, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, sex, age, economic status, asshole-ish tendencies, political party, disability, parental or marital status, favorite baseball team, or sexual preference in recruitment or membership, nor in the activities, programs and events conducted under the auspices or by the directives of the chapter.

B. The Zeta Chapter is committed to the elimination of such discriminatory acts based on the above criteria and will take swift, immediate action to cease such behavior.