The Bailey Research Group

Principal Investigator

Dr. Ryan C. Bailey

Dr. Ryan C. Bailey

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry,
Affiliate, Department of Bioengineering, Institute for Genomic Biology, and Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory

2004–2006 Post-doctoral fellow, California Institute of Technology (J. Heath) and Institute for Systems Biology (L. Hood)
2004 Ph.D. Northwestern University (J. Hupp)
1999 B.S. Eastern Illinois University

600 South Mathews
MC 712, Box 45-5
Urbana, IL, 61801
(217) 333-0676

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Postdoctoral Scholars

Enrique Valera

Dr. Enrique Valera

Postdoctoral Researcher

2008 Ph.D. Electronic Technology, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
2003 B.S. Electronic Engineering, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
evalerac[at]illinois[dot]edu | LinkedIn | ResearchGate

Home: Lima (Peru) / Barcelona (Spain)

Enrique focuses his efforts in the development of multiplexed biosensors for the quantitative analysis of biomarkers in the field of clinical diagnosis.

When not in lab, Enrique loves sharing time with his wife and two daughters, eating peruvian food, watching soccer and supporting Barcelona football club.

Graduate Students

Aurora Turgeon

Aurora Alsop (Turgeon)

2010 B.A. Chemistry, University of Minnesota, Morris

Home: Centerville, MN

Aurora uses photolithography to modify collagen scaffolds for tissue engineering applications.

Aurora's favorite things include: visiting museums, eating pancakes, and jogging in the sunshine.

Jessica Banks

Jessica Banks

2007 B.S. Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University
jmbanks2[at]illinois[dot]edu | LinkedIn

Home: Pittsburgh, PA

Jessica works on the development of materials with controlled biochemical and physical properties for studying cellular behavior in microenvironments. Recently, her focus has been on factors affecting stem cell differentiation.

When not in lab, Jessica enjoys baking, hiking, and playing with her dog.

Winnie Shia

Winnie Shia

2009 B.S. Chemistry, The University of Texas, Austin

As part of the microring resonator team, Winnie has developed an assay for ricin (a biowarfare agent), worked on a multiplexed cancer biomarker assay panel with Adam Washburn, and more recently is looking into assay development of cardiac biomarkers on the microring resonators platform.

Winnie is fascinated with the German culture, pianos, dark/horror movies and folding origami, as well as chasing llamas (Pronounced as YAA-mas).

Ellen Muehl

Ellen Muehl

2011 B.S. Chemistry, Berkeley, CA

Home: Orange County, CA

Ellen's project is focused on characterization of protein binding interactions of nucleic acids for relevant disease applications

Ellen enjoys California and crabs.

Dan McCurry

Daniel McCurry

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
2011 B.S. Chemistry, State University of New York at Binghamton

Home: Edgewater, NJ

Dan examines the development of surface morphology following the corrosion of white gold alloys and applies electrochemical techniques towards the study of molecular transport through nanoporous materials.

Dan is an electronics hobbyist and spends much of his time outside of lab trying to get something to work again after opening it. He also enjoys working on his car, grilling, and camping.

James Wade

James Wade

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
2012 B.S. Chemistry, Furman University
jhwade2[at]illinois[dot]edu | LinkedIn | ResearchGate

Home: Columbia, SC

James uses silicon photonic microring resonators to design multiplexed protein arrays with a particular focus on developing clinically and/or biologically relevant diagnostic panels. Current work is centered around glioblastoma multiforme, the most common and aggressive malignant primary brain tumor. He also is developing microring resonators as a gradient-compatible refractive index based detector for HPLC.

When not in lab, James enjoys camping and hiking with his wife, playing with his dogs (Jacob and Bo), college football, reading, exploring the great midwest, watching movies, and traveling to far away places.

Richard Graybill

Richard Graybill

NIH Midwest Cancer Nanotechnology Training Center
2012 B.S. Chemistry, Furman University

Home: Pittsburgh, PA

Richard uses silicon photonic microring resonators to make systems based measurements of numerous analytes of interest. His current work focuses of muliplexed miRNA detection in lysate from cancer cell lines and tumor samples.

When not in lab, Richard enjoys running, getting outside, eating new foods, and hoping the Virginia Cavaliers will one day put together a national championship caliber football team.

Alex Stanton

Alex Stanton

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
2012 B.S. Chemistry, University of Arizona
alstant2[at]illinois[dot]edu | LinkedIn

Home: Tuscon, AZ

Alex currently works on interfacting microring resonators with HPLC.

When not in lab, Alex enjoys reading pretentious novels, pretending to be a ballerina, holding kittens, and writing pretentious novels. Alex wants to be either an astronaut, French perfumer, or cat lady when she grows up.

Heather Robison

Heather Robison

2012 B.A. Chemistry, The Ohio State University

Home: Pickerington, OH

Heather uses the silicon photonic microring resonator platform to develop multiplexed cytokine based assays for clinical diagnostics. Currently, she is developing an assay to detect cytokines/chemokines relevant to accurately diagnosing reactivatable latent tuberculosis infection.

When not in lab, Heather enjoys playing with her puppy Nymeria, cheering on THE Ohio State Buckeyes, explaining what THE stands for, and exploring the flat state of Illinois on foot and bike.

Yi Xu

Yi Xu

2013 B.S. Applied Chemistry, Peking University

Home: Suzhou, Jiangsu Provice, China

Yi is working on droplet-based microfluidics to uncover the epigenetics modifications cause varying phenotypes from identical genotypes using an on-chip ChIP technique.

When not in lab, Yi enjoys cooking, travelling (if time permits), and learning different languages. Now, she is struggling with Korean, making just a little progress with new words everyday.

Zach Wiersma

Zach Wiersma

2013 B.S. Chemistry and Physics, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Home: Lowell, IN

The long term goal of Zach's project is the development of a back-scattering interferometer, used for label-free detection of molecular interactions. Currently, he is studying the binding events of the blood clotting cascade.

When not in lab, Zach plays the banjo and annoys his wife, often at the same time.

Zach Wiersma

Steve Doonan

Robert C. and Carolyn J. Springborn Fellow
Chemical Biology Interface Training Program Fellow

2014 B.S. Chemistry, St. Louis University

Home: Fairview Heights, IL

Steve engineers microfluidic tools for chemical analysis from characterizing fundamental device architectures to applying droplet methods to epigenetic profiling.

When not in lab, Steve enjoys wood carving, reading, and waiting for the Saint Louis Blues to win the Stanley Cup.

Undergraduate Students

Mallika Modak

Mallika Modak

UIUC Class of 2015

Home: Plainfield, IL

Mallika is creating a microfluidic system to perform chromatin immunoprecipitation and investigate epigenetic modifications of small cell samples.

Mallika enjoys reading, listening to good movie soundtracks and playing them on the piano, and running.

Amy Oreskovic

Amy Oreskovic

UIUC Class of 2015

Home: Kingsport, TN

Amy is developing a droplet-based microfluidic system to perform chromatin immunoprecipitation and investigate epigenetic modifications of small cell samples.

Amy enjoys training for triathlons, being outdoors, drawing, and eating way too much food.

Chris Para

Chris Para

UIUC Class of 2016

Home: Chicago, IL

Chris uses microring resonators to make systems based measurements of miRNA detection in lysate from cancer cell lines and tumor samples to better understand tumorigenesis.

Chris enjoys running, swimming, biking, and working out at the gym. He is part of the Student Alumni Ambassadors, Office of Volunteer Program Service Ambassador program, LENS Diversity Program, and Illinois Promise Scholar program.


Melinda McClellan

Defended thesis December 2014; currently working at Parkland College

Josh Tice

Post-doc (January 2014); currently working at Intel

Jared Kindt

Defended thesis August 2013; currently working at Celanese

Courtney Sloan

Post-doc (May 2013); currently working at Covidien

Matthew Luchansky

Defended thesis October 2012; currently working at PPG Industries

Abraham Qavi

Defended thesis May 2012; enrolled in M.D. program at UIUC

Ted Limpoco

Post-doc (April 2012); currently working at Asylum Research

Ott Scheler

Visiting pre-doctoral Fellow (February-July 2011); Department of Biotechnology at the University of Tartu, Estonia

Christine Herman

Defended thesis March 2012; enrolled in journalism Master's program at UIUC

Adam Washburn

Defended thesis November 2011; currently working at Eli Lilly

Nicole Tolan

Post-doc (July 2011); currently working at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Teresa Fraterman

Defended thesis February 2011; currently working for Prof. John Katzenellenbogan, UIUC Chemistry

Ji-Yeon Byeon

Defended thesis December 2010; currently working at LG

So-Hyun Kyra Lee

B.S. Chemistry (2013); Graduate student, California Institute of Technology

Paige Malec

B.S. Chemistry (2012); Graduate student, University of Michigan

Greg Potts

B.S. Chemistry (2011); Graduate student, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Adrienne Bowman

B.S. Chemistry (2011); currently working for Dow Chemical

Kim Lenkeit

B.S. Chemistry (2013); Undergraduate student, Loyola University Chicago

Yueming Zhao

B.S. Chemistry (2013); Undergraduate student, UIUC

Mark Geiger

M.S. Chemistry (2008); Lawyer

Jen Hyland

M.S. Chemistry (2008); Nurse

Rachel Masyuko

B.S. Chemistry (2007), graduate student, University of Notre Dame

Ryan Meiergerd

M.S. Chemistry (2007), Officer, United States Air Force
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