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Burke Group Literature Seminars

Formation of α-Chiral Centers by Asymmetric β-Csp3-H Arylation, Alkenylation, and Alkynylation - Hosted by Ian Crouch 03.04.17 
IRE1 Signaling Affects Cell Fate During the Unfolded Protein Response - Hosted by Jennifer Hou 11.19.16
FANCC Protein Involvement in Virophagy and Mitophagy - Hosted by Anthony Grillo 10.08.16
Real-time Quantification of Single RNA Translation Dynamics in Living Cells - Hosted by Adam Hill 10.01.16
Copper Catalyzed Asymmetric Addition of Olefin-Derived Nucleophiles to Ketones - Hosted by Ian Crouch 08.13.16 
Parameterization of Phosphine Ligands Reveals Mechanistic Pathways and Predicts Reaction Outcomes - Hosted by Hannah Haley 08.06.16 
Amelioration of Sepsis by TIE2 Activation-Induced Vascular Protection - Hosted by Jennifer Hou 06.18.16 
Recent Developments in the Diels Alder Reaction - Hosted by Jonathan Lehmann 05.21.16
Candidalysin is a Fungal Peptide Toxin Critical for Mucosal Infection - Hosted by Alexander Cioffi 05.07.16 
Conformational Fine-Tuning of Pore-Forming Peptide Potency and Selectivity - Hosted by Ian Crouch 03.05.16
Adult Restoration of Shank3 Expression Rescue Selective Autistic-Like Phenotypes - Hosted by Anna SantaMaria 02.20.16
A Supramolecular Microenvironment Strategy for Transition Metal Catalysis - Hosted by Hannah Haley 02.13.2016
Modelling the Tox21 10K Chemical Profiles for in vivo Toxicity Prediction and Mechanism Characterization - Hosted by Matthew Endo 01.30.2016 
Resensitizing Daclatasvir-Resistant Hepatitis C Variants by Allosteric Modulation of NS5A - Hosted by Alexander Cioffi 11.21.15
Identification of Carbohydrate Aanomersusing Iion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry - Hosted by Andrea Palazzolo 11.14.15
Concise Total Synthesis of Glucosepane - Hosted by Jonathan Lehmann 10.24.15
The Role of GATA4 in Senescence and Aging - Hosted by Anthony Grillo 10.10.15
Lanosterol Reverses Protein Aggregation in Cataracts - Hosted by Katrina Diaz 09.19.15
Mapping of Lipid-Binding Proteins and Their Ligandability in Cells - Hosted by Hannah Haley 09.05.15
A pH-Responsive Supramolecular Polymer Gel as an Enteric Elastomer for Use in Gastric Devices - Hosted by Matthew Endo 08.29.15
Generation of Knock-In Primary Human T Cells using Cas9 Ribonucleoproteins - Hosted by Anna Santamaria 08.22.15
Control of Signaling-Mediated Clearance of Apoptotic Cells by the Tumor Suppressor p53 - Hosted by Alex Cioffi 08.08.15
Understanding the Computational Analysis of the Human Proteome and Its Applications - Hosted by Andrea Palazzolo 07.18.15 
Spatiotemporal Imaging of Translation Using TRICK - Hosted by Tony Grillo 06.13.15
Selective, Rapid and Optically Switchable Regulation of Protein Function in Live Mammalian Cells - Hosted by Adam Hill 06.06.15
Common origins of RNA, protein, and lipid precursors in a cyanosulfidic protometabolism - Hosted by Michael Schmidt 05.30.15
The Colibactin Warhead Crosslinks DNA - Hosted by Jon Lehmann 05.23.15
Tetanus Toxoid and CCL3 Improve Dendritic Cell Vaccines in Mice and Glioblastoma Patients - Hosted by Katrina Diaz 05.02.15
Gut Microbiota Metabolism of Dietary Fiber Influences Allergic Airway Diseasese and Hematopoiesis - Hosted by Jenn Hou 03.21.15
Modeling Selectivity in Catalysis Using Molecular Parameters - Hosted by Hannah Haley 03.14.15
Stable Gold(III) Catalysts by Oxidative Addition of a Carbon-Carbon Bond - Hosted by Ian Crouch 02.28.15
Direct Observation of a Borane-Silane Complex Involved in Frustrated Lewis-Pair-Mediated Hydrosilylations - Hosted by Mike Schmidt 10.11.14
Monolignol Ferulate Transferase Introduces Chemically Labile Linkages into the Lignin Backbone - Hosted by Junqi Li 09.27.14
Prevention of Muscular Dystrophy in Mice by CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Editing of Germline DNA - Hosted by Anna Santamaria 09.20.14
KAHA Ligation Generates Diverse B-Peptides for Drug Discovery - Hosted by Jon Lehmann 09.13.14
Efficient Discovery of Bioactive Scaffolds by Activity-Directed Synthesis - Hosted by Ian Crouch 09.06.14
Manipulation of Cellular Function through Cell Surface Display - Hosted by Samantha Phinney 08.30.14
Analysis of Small Molecule Proteome Interactions - Hosted by Hannah Haley 08.09.14
Potentiating Trouble with Combination Therapy for ΔF508 Patients- Hosted by Alexander Cioffi 07.26.14
Rethinking Cross-Coupling: Enantiospecific sp2-sp3 Coupling - Hosted by Souvik Rakshit 07.19.14
Human Embryonic-Stem-Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes Regenerate Non-Human Primate Hearts- Hosted by Katrina Diaz 06.21.14
Membrane Proteins Bind Lipids Selectively to Modulate their Structure and Function - Hosted by Adam Hill 06.14.14
Photopharmacology: Optical Control of Activity - Hosted by Andrea Palazzolo 06.07.14
Stereoretentive Pd-Catalyzed Stille Cross-Coupling Reactions of Secondary Alkyl Azastannatranes and Aryl Halides - Hosted by Michael Schmidt 05.24.14
Polypharmacology - Hosted by Stephen Davis 05.17.14
The Increasing Use of Flow Synthesis Applied to Complex Structures - Hosted by Peter Santa Maria 04.26.14
Heat Shock Protein 90 - Hosted by Jenn Hou 04.19.14
Artificial Small-Molecule Peptide Synthesizer - Hosted by Lingbowei Hu 04.12.14
Endogenous Retroviral Genomes Play an Important Role in Placental Evolution & Development - Hosted by Anna SantaMaria 03.08.14
A Cascade Cross-Coupling Hydrogen Evolution Reaction by Visible Light Catalysis - Hosted by Jon Lehmann 02.08.14
Emerging Role of SUMO Modifications in Response to Heat Shock - Hosted by Jenn Hou 12.14.13
Catalytic Asymmetric Photochemical Reactions - Hosted by Ian Crouch 12.07.13
Strategies for Mediating the Toxicity of Prion Proteins - Hosted by Katrina Diaz 11.23.13
Interfacial Electric Field Effects on Reaction Selectivity - Hosted by Steve Ballmer 10.05.13
Biomimetic, Synthetic High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) Nanoparticles - Hosted by Matt Endo 09.28.13
Method Development Driven by Biosynthetic Hypothesis: Epoxide-Opening Cascades - Hosted by Junqi Li 09.07.13
Automated Synthesis of Natural Products and Pharmaceuticals - Hosted by Seiko Fujii 08.17.13
Macrolactonizations - Hosted by Justin Struble 08.10.13
Nucleophilic Fluorination - Hosted by Souvik Rakshit 07.13.13
Target of Rapamycin - Hosted by Jenn Hou 06.29.13
Intrinsically Disordered Proteins - Hosted by Alex Cioffi 06.22.13
Light Gated Ion Channels - Hosted by Lingbowei Hu 05.25.13
NHC Organocatalysis - Hosted by Anthony Grillo 04.27.13
Protein Folding: Analysis, Role in Disease States - Hosted by Jahnabi Roy 04.20.13
Chiral Anions in Asymmetric Catalysis - Hosted by Hannah Haley 04.13.13
Radical Cations - Hosted by Greg Morehouse 03.22.13
X-Ray Crystallography - Hosted by Nagarjuna Palyam 07.20.12
Trifluoroborate Hydrolysis - Hosted by Greg Morehouse 06.16.12
Organocatalysis - Hosted by Matt Endo 11.19.11
Retrosynthetic Analysis - Hosted by Seiko Fujii and Pulin Wang 10.01.11
Antibiotic Resistance - Hosted by Junqi Li 05.21.11
NMR Spectroscopy - Hosted by Seiko Fujii 09.17.10
Chemistry and Biology of Bistramide A - Hosted by Erin Davis 3.12.10
Lipid Bilayers: A Chemist's View - Hosted by Eric Woerly 9.11.09
Mechanism Seminar - Hosted by Steve Davis 2.06.09
Mechanism Seminar - Hosted by Dan Palacios 8.29.08
Palladium-mediated Cross Coupling - Hosted by Suk Joong Lee 8.01.08
Synthesis of Nakadomarin A - Hosted by Kaitlyn Gray 5.30.08
Mechanism Seminar - Hosted by Pulin Wang 4.25.08
Chemistry and Biology of Saxitoxin - Hosted by Tom Anderson 2.1.08
Total Synthesis of Hemibrevotoxin - Hosted by Ian Dailey, 10.05.07
Total Synthesis of Diazonamide A - Hosted by Dan Palacios, 09.07.07
Stereoelectronic Effects - Hosted by Eric Gillis and Ian Dailey, 08.02.07
Organocatalysis, 05.25.07
Total Synthesis of Rapamycin, 12.11.06
Total Synthesis of Guanacastepens, 10.01.06
Total Synthesis of CP-263,114, 09.08.06
Total Synthesis of Quinine, 08.04.06
Total Synthesis of Stephacidin B, 06.23.06
Total Synthesis of Taxol, 05.19.06
Total Synthesis of FR182877, 04.21.06
Total Synthesis of Epothilone A, 03.24.06
Total Synthesis of Welwitindoline A, 02.10.06
Total Synthesis of Tetracycline, 01.27.06

Individual Seminars     
Stimulated Raman Imaging of Biomolecules - Anthony Sotelo 03.02.17 [Abstract] [Seminar]
Recent Advancement in Silver Mediated C-F Bond Formation - Jiabao Zhang 02.21.17 [Abstract] [Seminar]
Replacing Benzoquinone with O2 in Oxidation Reactions - Rajeev Chorgade - 11.08.16 [Abstract] [Seminar]
Applications of Fluorous Tags - Claire Simons 10.03.16 [Abstract] [Seminar]
Cu-Mediated C-N and C-O Cross-Coupling Reactions - Michael Schmidt 04.09.15 [Abstract] [Seminar]
Reactions of Superelectrophiles - Jon Lehmann 03.10.15 [Abstract] [Seminar]
Selectivity in [5+2] Cycloadditions with Vinylcyclopropane
- Andrea Palazzolo 10.20.14
[Abstract] [Seminar]
Non-Enzymatic Enantioselective Polyene Cyclization - Adam Hill 05.02.13 [Abstract] [Seminar]
High Valent Copper Catalysis - Hannah Haley 12.06.12 [Abstract] [Seminar]
Finding the Sweet Spot-Mechanism Guided Design of
Glycosidase Inhibitors - Jahnabi Roy 11.01.12
[Abstract] [Seminar]
Ligand Effects in Nickel Catalysis - Tony Grillo 10.23.12 [Abstract] [Seminar]
Photoredox Catalysis of Polypyridyl Transition
Metal Complexes - Greg Morehouse 12.08.11
[Abstract] [Seminar]
Strategies in the Construction of Class III Galbulimima Alkaloids - Matt Endo 04.26.11 [Abstract] [Seminar]
Synthetic Peptides in Asymmetric Catalysis - Erin Davis 02.21.11 [Abstract] [Seminar]
Bifunctional Asymmetric Catalysts : Design and Applications - Junqi Li 09.27.10 [Abstract] [Seminar]
Enantioselective alpha-Functionalization of Aldehydes via
SOMO Catalysis - Seiko Fuji 10.10.09
[Abstract] [Seminar]
The Biginelli Reaction: Development and Applications - Eric Woerly 11.24.08 [Abstract] [Seminar]
Catalytic Asymmetric Intramolecular Pauson-Khand
and Pauson-Khand-type Reactions - Steve Ballmer 10.09.08
[Abstract] [Seminar]
The Chemistry and Biological Activity of Platensimycin - Kaitlyn Gray 3.31.08 [Abstract] [Seminar]
Pharmacological Chaperone Therapy - Brandon Wilcock 3.27.08 [Abstract] [Seminar]
Directed Evolution of Stereoselective Biocatalysts - David Knapp 3.13.08 [Abstract] [Seminar]
Olefin Cross Metathesis - Pulin Wang [Abstract] [Seminar]
Biomimetic Cascade Reactions in Total Synthesis - Ian Dailey 11.15.07 [Abstract] [Seminar]
Quaternary Stereocenters via Asymmetric Heck Cyclizations - Eric Gillis 04.19.07 [Abstract] [Seminar]
Automated Solid-Phase Synthesis of Oligosaccharides - Dan Palacios 04.23.07 [Abstract] [Seminar]
NMR analysis of protein/ligand interactions - Tom Anderson 04.16.07 [Abstract] [Seminar]