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*'''Who''':  All alumns, graduate students and faculty
*'''Who''':  All alumni, graduate students, and faculty
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''''+Illinois vs. Indiana Homecoming Football Game+''''

!! Chemical Engineering ALUMNI TAILGATE

*'''Who''':  All alumns, graduate students and faculty
*'''When''': Saturday, October 23rd
*'''Time''':  9-11am
*'''Where''':  Southeast corner of Assembly Hall
*'''Cost''':  Free

Families and friends are welcome.  We will have catered brunch foods, as well as traditional grilled tailgate food (hamburgers, brats, veggie burgers, grilled vegetables and drinks.)  We will have games to play (Frisbee, football, bags), and prizes for both adults and children.

'''RSVP (or send questions)''': by Tuesday, October 19th

'''Parking''': (or see image below)

'-This event is sponsored by Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Students-'