Food Wars 2007

GSAC's Food Wars 2007 begins Wednesday, November 14 and ends Friday, November 30.

All proceeds to go to our local food pantry.

  • 1 ounce canned goods = -1 point
  • 1 ounce boxed goods = +1 point

Non-perishable items only please.

Food collected in the student mailroom of RAL.

Place cans in other groups' bags and boxed goods in your own bag to accumulate points.

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Final statistics:

RankAdviserGroup DescriptionPoints ForPoints AgainstTotal Points
uncontestedTried too hard.+1456.7-159.5+1297.2
first to losePlans to make a substantial deposition this year.---10.75-10.75
3Can't confine his generosity.---10.75-10.75
3Very very excited about this year's competition.---10.75-10.75
4Lipids are an important part of the food pyramid too.---11.5-11.5
5Willing to pay any price for victory.---21.5-21.5
6All attempts to regulate his motility up the rankings will be futile.+220.4-345.75-125.35
7A force to be reckoned with, but will she adhere to the rules?---150.25-150.25
8Packing heat.+46.5-204-157.5
9Rumored to be donating lots and lots of gelatin.+57.25-280-230.75
10Predicting victory.---231.5-231.5
11Extra points for fluid ounces?+64-382.75-318.75
12Giving is autocatalytic.+30.3-383.5-353.2
crippledNo defects here.+312-935.2-623.2
dungDidn't win last year, but his strategy has evolved.0-696-696

Food Wars News

The End
Kenis group makes good its threat...
Ms. Perry chuckles at the thought of the carnage.
In case you were wondering who got what. Seemed the 10 lb. cans of pancake mix broke everyone's moral. The closest competitors were rewarded with a couple flats of beans and corn. Zhao received a six pounder of fruit cocktail and another 6 pounder of pineapple to go with his pudding. Better luck next year kids.
The beginning of the end
update coming soon! need to recharge my phone/camera. SCORES ARE CURRENT!
Final leg
As this food wars 2007 gets closer to coming to a close, I just wanted to make sure I properly thanked our gsac president from last year who was extremely helpful in terms of planning and even helping me record scores. Thanks Tasha.
As I predicted, Kong’s group took a hit over the weekend. I’m pretty sure there’s only one member of the group that’s contributing thus far, so we’ll see if they ever recuperate. Meanwhile, Masel’s group took a surprising sprint up the standings, but I’m sure everybody has sentiments similar to mine.
I’m still trying to think of what awesome prize the winning group will get, so I started asking people in Kenis lab what they’d like. The defending champ isn’t going to go out as quietly as you’d like, I guarantee. Best watch your backs.
Pre-Turkey Day
So it’s been nearly a week into the competition now, and everybody is going home for turkey tomorrow—well, nearly everybody. It seems like there are more people over in the Zhao lab now than on a regular day. Some people are bored because there’s no work to do these last couple hours. This person, for instance, got bored and dragged me downstairs and demanded that I update our food wars page…so here it is.
You guys have been doing an excellent job. We have one big box already full, and we haven’t even had any special “double points for cans” days, although I assure you, there will be lots of interesting stuff like that happening next week, so keep an eye out for those easily glossed over gsac emails.
Interesting observations: 1) Kong has made a strong move forward and will undoubtedly be trounced this coming Monday. 2) Zhao has yet to recover from his chocolate pudding pounding. 3) Anybody know how many ounces a toothbrush weighs?
Weekend Happenings
It’s hard being on top. Kenis group took a strong lead on the first day of battle. However, on Friday, they suffered a crippling blow of canned beans and corn.
Who in the world could have done this? Who was brazen enough to challenge the food drive powerhouse so early in the competition? Who was the only group who had boxes in their bag on Friday?
I have three words for you guys--Sam’s Club Membership.
Day one: Thursday, November 15
Today was officially our first day of Food Wars 2007. There are a bunch of bags set up in the student mail room in RAL, each with a little picture of an adviser along with the adviser’s name. The bags aren’t incredibly huge, so if you have a lot of goods to bring in, there are sticky notes just above the bags so you can label any overflow cans or boxes. Note that the bags aren’t refrigerated…so no frozen pizzas or “personally” boxed items. (Yes, I was asked if frozen pizza was an option.)
Moving on, did you know that you can buy 7 lb. cans of chocolate pudding these days?
If you look at the stats above, not only will you find out who was on the receiving end of this bombshell, you'll also be able figure out how many ounces are in 7 lbs.