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GSAC's Food Wars 2010 begins Monday, November 1 and ends Monday, December 6th at 5pm.

All proceeds to go to our local food pantry and to Crisis Nursery (

Food donated by November 23 at 5pm to be used for Thanksgiving dinner receive DOUBLE points!

Place boxed goods in other groups' bags and canned goods in your own bag to accumulate points. Please leave items in bags once they have been placed. Food collected in the student mailroom of RAL. Non-perishable items only please. Remember, we're trying to make a real difference in a family's everyday dinner, make donations that count!

AMAZING! on November 24, 2009 Over 584 lbs of food was donated to the Illinois Food Bank! Thank you all so much for your amazing effort!

Food Wars 2009 statistics:

RankAdviserComments and HecklingPoints ForPoints AgainstTotal Points
1Comment from Steven Caliari to whoever bombed them: "Bhushan and I are out for blood, just sayin"3977.23243653.2
2Knocked from first place at the last minute by the Harley Group!43181130.263187.74
3Ashlee Ford replies: "I just wanted to point out that if the food drive totals were per number of research group members, Kenis's group would be far behind the rest. PS-we only have 4 students on campus in our group "106201062
4Chris Brockman says: "Game on broheim"1533527.31005.7
5 1460.75624831.75
6 694.5265429.5
7 13211025.4295.6
8 342228.5113.5
9 9828.669.4
10 41.518.822.7
11 000
12 000
13 000
14 000
15 06-6
16 042-42

Food Wars News

A New Year
Congratulations to the Harley Group for winning Food Wars 2009! Over 584 lbs of food was donated to the Illinois Food Bank
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