Chemistry Annex front door

The Renovation

After years of careful planning, a complete renovation of Chemistry Annex was undertaken in 2014 as part of the Campus Instructional Space Improvement Initiative. This much-needed renovation included gutting the existing 42,466 square foot structure and constructing a 9,600 addition along the south side and east end of the original building. This new addition addressed the important issue of life safety as well as providing accessibility and sufficient circulation.

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    Students using the new Chemistry Learning Center

The renovation included a complete remodel and space reassignment. All mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were replaced with equipment conforming to modern standards. A new street-level entrance from Mathews Avenue opens up to a smartly furnished lobby designed for students to gather, and provides ADA accessibility and convenient access to the new elevator.

The main auditorium, formerly 112 and now 1025 Chem Annex, was completely redone with the help of a generous gift from The Dow Chemical Company. The lecture hall now offers state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment that enhances instructional learning. A complete renovation of the undergraduate instructional labs included custom-built downdraft hoods configured to minimize obstruction. This change offers better visibility that greatly improves safety and enhances learning.

Updates to the Chemistry Learning Center promote adaptability and accommodate individual study, one-on-one tutoring, and large/small group study and instruction.

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences news article featuring the Chemistry Annex renovation.


Chemistry Annex was built in 1930 due to the rapid growth of chemistry at the University of Illinois. It cost around $335,000 and added 39,000 square feet.

Chemistry Annex Lab - probably from the 1960's
Chemistry Annex Lab – probably from the 1960’s – aluminum hoods


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