Organic Reactions

History of the Series

Organic_Reactions_History_(2014)_Page_01Organic Reactions® is a comprehensive reference work that contains authoritative, critical reviews of many important synthetic reactions. In addition to detailed discussions of the mechanism, scope, and limitations of reactions, OR chapters contain a tabular survey of all known examples of organic reactions to date. Exhaustive synthesis and analysis of primary literature examples sets Organic Reactions apart from comparable secondary references for organic chemistry. Here, you will find condensed versions of Organic Reactions chapters and links to full versions of the chapters.

Organic Reactions Editorial Board

Prof. Scott E. Denmark, Editor-in-Chief
Prof. Jeffrey Aubé • Dr. Carl Busacca • Prof. Jin K. Cha
Dr. Robert M. Coates • Prof. Andrew Evans
Dr. Paul L. Feldman • Prof. Dennis Hall • Prof. Paul Hergenrother
Prof. Donna M. Huryn • Prof. Marisa Kozlowski • Prof. Gary Molander
Prof. John Montgomery • Dr. Jeffery B. Press • Prof. Steven M. Weinreb