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Hyung Min Chi
B.S., Seoul National University

Hyung Min Chi

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I was born in this very town - Champaign, while my father was doing his PhD. However I moved back to Korea where I grew up and did my undergraduate. I did a summer rotation in a medicinal chemistry lab, where I decided to be an organic chemist. After obtaining a B.S. degree, I went to a small radiopharmaceutical company (FutureChem) and worked for a year conducting research on mild nucleophilic substitution reaction using functionalized ionic liquid. I also worked at Sogang University as a research fellow for a half a year working on copper catalyzed click chemistry.

In 2010, I returned back to the States and started a PhD course over here at UIUC, doing research on Lewis base activated Lewis acid catalysis and applying QSAR (Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship) to predict an optimized catalyst structure for the reactions.

I love snowboarding, and also love listening to music and playing video games.

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