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Sergio Rossi
Ph.D., University of Milan, 2011

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I was born in Bergamo in 1983, and I studied chemistry at the University of Milan, Italy. My master degree thesis was conducted in Prof. M. Benaglia and Prof. F. Cozzi group in 2007 and my research was focused on the design and the synthesis of new chiral Lewis bases and their use in stereoselective catalysis. After my master degree I decided to stay in the group for a Ph.D fellowship that focused on the synthesis of novel chiral heteroaromatic phosphine oxides and the development of new stereoselective reactions promoted by chiral Lewis bases. I obtained my Ph.D. diploma in industrial chemistry in 2010. After that I worked for a Cariplo fellowship focused on the biodegradable polymers with controlled macromolecular architecture as new polyfunctional agents for 19F MR imaging under the guide of Prof. M. Benaglia. Now, I joined the Prof. Denmark group as postdoctoral fellow.


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