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Alex Jaunet
Ph.D., Chemistry
University of Sheffield (England)

Alex Jaunet

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I am coming from Nantes (France), where I spend most of my degrees. In my final year, I moved to La Rochelle University for six months experience under the guidance of Pr. Valérie Thiéry. After spending few years in the University of Sheffield (England) to obtain a PhD degree dealing with the Diels-Alder reaction of chiral anthracene-based auxiliary, allowing the synthesis of cyclohexenone epoxides, I moved to Strasbourg University (France), working with Dr. Miesch, on the synthesis of the Hoodigoside, for my first postdoctoral position. In January 2011, I joined the Denmark group as a postdoctoral fellow. Outside the lab, I enjoy spending time with my family and listening music.


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