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Conference Talks

  • Biomaterials for Vascular repair and regeneration. MRS, San Francisco, April 2014
  • Nano/Soft Materials for Vascular Diagnosis and Treatments, Mayo Clinic, February 2014
  • M. Melhem, H.J. Kong, & L.G. Schook. A Cardiac patch for delivering therapeutic stem cells to the heart following myocardial infarction. Biomedical Engineering Society Meeting, Seattle, September 2013. (2013).
  • C. Smith & H.J. Kong, Engineering a liposome surface with gadolinium via self-assembly for MR imaging. Society for Biomaterials meeting, Boston, April 2013. (2013).

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  • Jeong, J., Cha, C., Chan, V., Bashir, R., & Kong, H.J. Living microvascular stamp (US Patent Application Number: 61/650,073).
  • D.J. Mooney, O. Ali, S. Eduardo, H.J. Kong, E.E. Hill, T. Boontheekul, T. Scaffolds for cell transplantation (US Patent Application Number: 11/638,796).

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