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Hiring Graduate or Academic Hourlies

If the employee is registered for any graduate level courses in the current semester, he or she will be considered a Grad Hourly. Both groups must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree.

Grad Hourly: Please send hire date and end date, funding source, job description and wage to SCS HR.

Academic Hourly: Please send hire date and end date (employment should be less than a year), funding source, wage and a detailed job description. The job description should confirm why an Academic Hourly was hired instead of an Extra Help employee. Please include experience and education requirements for the Academic Hourly position. If preferred, an offer letter can be completed and submitted to SCS HR along with a cfop. Offer letters are not required for Academic Hourly appointments.

Academic Hourly and Grad Hourly appointments can be requested via; a full job description must accompany an academic hourly appointment, either through the job description template or through the offer letter.

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