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Reahman Afshar photoChBE sophomore Reahman Afshar was awarded a Chancellor’s Public Engagement Student Fellowship to travel to Ghana with a team to empower village women to set up a solar energy business. ChBE News article.
Ambika Bhagi photoAmbika Bhagi, a graduate student in the Lu group, has received a Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Award for postdoctoral studies at UCSF. The award supports women from developing countries in their pursuit of advanced STEM graduate studies.
thumbnail of Suzuki-Miyauri reactionAndy Thomas and Scott Denmark have observed and characterized the elusive intermediates in Suzuki-Miyauri cross-coupling. The new mechanistic insights have the potential to lead to improved ways to execute the Suzuki–Miyaura reaction. RSC Chemistry World article.
suslick-nose.jpgKenneth Suslick's optoelectronic "nose" may become an important tool for detecting the explosive compounds that terrorists wield. The detectors can be handheld devices or ones built in and connected to a wireless network. The Economist's article, C&EN article.
NSF logoNine chemistry graduate students (Chelsea Anorma (Chan), Cecilia Gentle (van der Veen), Summer Laffoon (Hull), Kimberly Lundberg (Gewirth), Kali Miller (Braun), Tabitha Miller (Fout), Elizabeth Neumann (Sweedler), Sarah Perlmutter (Hergenrother), Aaron Roth (Denmark)) and two chemistry undergraduates (Yujeong Lee (Silverman), Shannon Miller (White)) were awarded National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships. Thirteen chemistry students earned honorable mentions. Chemistry News article.
Chuck Wallbaum photoChuck Wallbaum, Director of the SCS Computer and Electronic Services is one of six 2015-16 Chancellor's Academic Professional Excellence Awardees. SCS article.

Daniel Bregante photoDaniel Bregante, a graduate student in the Flaherty research group, was awarded a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship. ChBE News article.

Mai Ngo photoMai Ngo (Harley Group) is the recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Other ChBE students received NSF honorable mentions. ChBE News article.

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