Microchemical systems for applications in energy and biology

Electrochemical Energy Storage & Conversion

We develop electrochemical systems for CO2 electrolysis and membraneless fuel cells

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Pharmaceuticals & Protein Crystallization

We develop microfluidic platforms for the analysis of molecular structure and properties

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Radiopharmaceutical & Quantum Dot Synthesis

We develop continuous flow reactors for the synthesis of semiconductor nanocrystals and radiopharmaceuticals

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Biological Study

We develop microfluidic environments for studying cell response and behavior

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Other Efforts


August 01, 2018: Ajit's talk won "best presentation" of the nanomaterials session at the ACS National Meeting in Boston. Congrats!


August 01, 2018: Congratulations Whitney for being awarded the NIH Ruth L Kirschstein Predoctoral Individual Fellowship!


June 01, 2018: Ajit is named to the List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent By Their Students for his work as a TA in ChBE 424, Chemical Reaction Engineering.


April 13, 2018: Congratulations to Whitney for winning the poster session award at Tissue Microenvironment Symposium at Beckman Institute.


April 13, 2018: Hyukjin has been awarded 2018 Beckman Institute Graduate Fellowship. Congratulations, Hyukjin!


April 09, 2018: Whitney recieved honorable mention for the NSF graduate research fellowship. Congratulations, Whitney!


February 21, 2018: Sumit Verma successfully defended his dissertation. Congratulations Sumit!


January 03, 2018: Congratulations to Ajit for being listed as "Teachers Ranked as Excellent" for Fall 2017!