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The Kraft group combines engineering principles and traditional experimental approaches with cutting-edge imaging technologies to overcome critical barriers to progress in biomedical research. We focus on identifying, and exploiting the relationship between plasma membrane composition/ organization and cell function. A key aspect of our research is the combination of computational statistics with chemical imaging techniques for quantitative single cell analysis with location specificity.┬áBy combining these enabling tools with existing approaches that provide complementary information, we can identify the mechanisms that establish cell membrane organization, correlate changes in cell surface composition/ organization with altered cellular function, and exploit this relationship to predict, and ultimately, control cell function.┬áBecause many medically relevant processes involve the cell membrane, including virus infection, targeted drug delivery, cell recognition, and cell signaling, our research has applications in a broad range of biomedical research areas.

Professor: Mary L Kraft
University of Illinois
600 S Mathews Ave
208 RAL, MC-712
Urbana, IL 61801
phone: 217-333-2228
fax: 217-333-5052