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%rfloat margin-top=0px margin-right=25px margin-bottom=25px margin-left=35px%"Quanming Shi"
I graduated from %newwin%[[|Tsinghua University]], China, with BS in Chemical Engineering in 2003.

Currently I am a graduate student in %newwin%[[|Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering]] at %newwin%[[|University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign]].
I hope I can graduate soon............\\
I joined Leckband Lab and work with [[Research.AtomicForceMicroscopy|Atomic Force Microscopy]], [[Research.MicropipetteManipulation|Micropipette Manipulation of cell adhesion]] and Magnetic Twisting Cytometry (in collaboration with %newwin%[[|Prof. Ning Wang]] at %newwin%[[|MechSE]]).

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%newwin%[[|My Not Yet Finished Website]]

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