Members: VenkatMaruthamuthu

Graduate student


* Surface force measurements
* Single molecule force measurements
* Steered molecular dynamics simulations


V. Maruthamuthu, K. Schulten and D.E. Leckband, “Elasticity and Rupture of a multi-domain NCAM Complex”, Biophys. J. (2009) in press.

A.K. Prakasam, V. Maruthamuthu and D.E. Leckband, "Similarities between heterophilic and homophilic cadherin adhesion," PNAS, 103, 15434-15439 (2006).

A. Prakasam, Y.H. Chien, V. Maruthamuthu and D.E. Leckband, "Calcium site mutations in cadherin: Impact on adhesion and evidence of cooperativity," Biochemistry, 45, 6930-6939 (2006).

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