Recent Publications

Cell Adhesion and Molecular Mechanics

Johnson, C.P., Fujimoto, I., Perrin-Tricaud, C., Rutishauser, U., Leckband, D. (2004) Mechanism of Homophilic NCAM Adhesion: use of multiple domains and flexibility, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 101, 6963-6968. pdf

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Trajectories between Cadherin Extracellular Domains, Biophys. J., 80, 1758-1768. pdf

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pH Switch, Langmuir, 20, 1459-1465. pdf

Surface Plasmon Resonance graphsEfremova, NV, Huang, Y, Peppas, NA, and Leckband, D (2002) Direct Measurement of Interactions between Tethered PEG Chains and Adsorbed Mucin Layers, Langmuir, 18, 836-845 pdf

Zhu, B., Eurell, T., Gunawan, R., Leckband, D. (2001) Protein adsorption and cell adhesion on oligo(ethylene glycol)-terminated self-assembled monolayers on gold, J. Biomat. Sci. Polym. Ed., 56, 406-416. pdf

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Vijayendran, R, Motsegood, K.M., Beebe, D.J., Leckband, D.E. (2002) Evaluation of a Three-Dimensional Micromixer in a Surface-Based Biosensor, Langmuir, 19, 1824-1828. pdf

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