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We fabricate colloidal inorganic nanomaterials of controlled shape and size. We surface-engineer our nanoparticles for chemical sensing, biological imaging, and energy-related applications. We also have an interest in DNA and protein conformation and dynamics.

Elissa and Ariane 2016

At Right: Elissa and Ariane celebrate their successful Ph.D. defenses on March 11, 2016



Congratulations to Dr. Nardine Abadeer, who defended her Ph.D. on April 26, 2016!

Congratulations to Ji (Ricky) Li, M.S. in chemistry!

Congratulations to our graduating undergraduates Andrei Andreev, Zoe Frankowicz, and Junheng Li!

Congratulations to Dr. Ariane Vartanian and Dr. Elissa Grzincic!! Two successful Ph.D. defenses in one day!

We welcome our new participant-observers: Donna Carnow (Dance), Ester Cho (Architecture), Peggy Flavin (Environmental Design) and Reika McNish (Dance).

Cathy gives 3 talks at Pacifichem 2015 in Hawaii

The Murphy Group welcomes first-year students Daniel Hofmann, Meng Wu, and Xi (Cassie) Zhang!

Summer is ending. That means we say "farewell" to our undergraduate researchers (thanks!) and "get ready" for the ACS meeting in Boston!

The Murphy Group welcomes REU students Jennifer Lott and Jonathan Dwyer, and returning visiting scholar Priscila Falagan Lotsch!

Congratulations to Cathy on her election into the National Academy of Sciences!

Congratulations to Jonathan Eller, who successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis to become Dr. Jonathan Eller!

The Murphy Group welcomes Peng Gu, a visiting student from the University of Strathclyde!

Cathy gives three talks at the ACS national meeting in Denver on behalf of the group. While there, she celebrates Jackie Barton winning the Priestley Medal!

The Murphy group would like to share an automated rod sizing program (developed by our undergraduate researcher Andrew Ritchhart) for the efficient analysis of TEM images containing nanorods. This program can be found in the "Publications" section of our website.

Cathy has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry!

We bid a fond farewell to Ji Eun Park, who graduated in Dec. 2014.

Cathy, Nathan, Elissa, Nardine, Jonathan and Ariane give amazing (if we do say so ourselves) talks at the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco!

The Murphy Group welcomes back Prof. Alaaldin Alkliany of the University of Jordan!

Congratulations to Elissa! She has won the Drickamer Fellowship!

Congratulations to Wayne! He has won the Ullyot Fellowship!

Congratulations, Dr. Jingyu Huang, who successfully defended her Ph.D.!

Cathy and the Murphy Group are on the "Highly Cited Researchers 2014" list by Thomson Reuters, both for chemistry and for materials science!
See the link at and search by name or institution.

The Murphy Group welcomes undergraduate researchers Samantha Harvey, Fred Idesis, Nelliza Medero, Jennifer Ortiz, and Andrew Wang!

The Murphy group extends congratulations to Jingyu for walking in the PhD ceremony, Bethany for receiving her masters degree, and undergrads Ji Eun and Naima for receiving their bachelors degree.

Cathy, Wayne and Jingyu give talks at the ACS National Meeting in Dallas, TX.

The Murphy Group bids a fond farewell to Priscila Lotsch, who heads back to warm and sunny Brazil!

The Murphy Group welcomes our new undergraduate non-science participant observers: Delia Chang, Athanasia Giannatis, and Travis Norville.

The Murphy Group congratulations Jie An Yang, who defended his Ph.D. on October 29, 2013, and is off to Singapore for his job with Mitsui & Co.!

The Murphy Group welcomes Dr. Priscila Falagan Lotsch, who is visiting from Brazil's, Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Qualidade e Tecnologia-INMETRO.

The Murphy Group welcomes first-year graduate students Jordan Dennison and Joshua Hinman!

Sam, Nathan, Jonathan, Elissa and Cathy present at the ACS meeting in Indianapolis. Elissa gets to go on the race track and Jonathan wins a Colloid and Surface Chemistry Division poster award!

Nardine Abadeer wins an NSF Graduate Research Opportunities Award to work in Sweden, and is highlighted on the UIUC Chancellor's blog! Congratulations! Read More...

Congratulations, Stefano Boulos! He successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on July 29, 2013!

Cathy writes her very first blog post about our Lycurgus Cup trip.

The Murphy Group welcomes Visiting Scholar Prof. Jianjun Li, from Xi'an Jiaotong University, China.

The Murphy group takes a field trip to Chicago to see the Lycurgus Cup!

The Murphy group welcomes our REU students Hillary Mitchell and Beth Dewing.

Congratulations, Timothy Yang, B.S. 2013!

Congratulations, Sway Wu, who just received her B.S. degree, May 2013!

Congratulations, Sean Sivapalan, who was just hooded in the Ph. D. Engineering ceremony, May 2013!

Congratulations, Stefano Boulos, who was just hooded in the Ph.D. Chemistry ceremony, May 2013!

Jie An's paper about nano-vacuuming is highlighted at

Cathy wins the 2013 Carol Tyler Award from the International Precious Metals Institute!

The Murphy Group is part of Centers for Chemical Innovation Sustainable Nanotechnology Initiative.

Jie An Yang has won the 2013 Dissertation Award in Materials Chemistry! Congratulations!

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