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Alexander Barclay


Graduate Research Assistant

Office: A129 Chemical and Life Sciences Lab (CLSL)
Phone: (217) 244-1583

E-mail: abarcla2@illinois.edu



M.S. Marine Bioscience, University of Delaware (2013)
B.S. Biochemistry, Temple University (2011)

research interests

I am a graduate student with the Center for Biophysics and Computational Biology. I did my Master’s research with Professor Adam Marsh, studying a Polychaete extracellular hemoglobin. My broad research interests cover the range of understanding how the structure, dynamics, cellular turnover, and molecular stability all contribute to the function of a protein and its effect on physiology. I joined the Rienstra group to learn protein structure determination and theory and have an interest in using and developing solid-state NMR techniques to study fibrillar proteins.


Selected honors and awardS

  • Merck Index Award for Chemistry, 2011
  • Diamond Research Scholar Award, Temple University, 2010

selected publications

“Baseline Data of Aromatic Hydrocarbons correlation to Size of Marine Organisms Harvested from a War-Induced Oil Spill Zone of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea”, Barbour E. K.; Sabre A. H.; Shaib H. A.; Barclay A. M.; Farajalla N. S.; Zurayk R. A.; Kassaify Z. G. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 2008, 56(4), 770-777. (Published online, March 4th, 2008).