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Graduate Research Assistant

Office: A127B Chemical and Life Sciences Lab (CLSL)
Phone: (217) 244-1583




Integrated B.S. and M.S. Chemistry, IISER, Thiruvananthrapuram, India

research interests

I received my master’s degree in Chemistry with a minor in Biology from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram (IISER-TVM), where I joined the research group of Dr. Mahesh Hariharan during the second year of my master’s program. I was first involved in the synthesis and study of symmetry breaking excited-state charge separation in peryleneimide dimers, which was my first research experience. As a part of my minor project in Biology, I worked with Dr. Tapas Kumar Manna on the analysis of cytotoxic effect of 1,2-dihydropyridine derivatives on MCF- 7 cells, where I used cell culture assays along with confocal microscopy to find the most potent drug and study its effect on MCF-7 cell proliferation. For my master’s thesis, I had worked with Dr. Hariharan on regulation of crystallization induced emission enhancement in v-shaped oxydiphthalimides, which put forth a potential strategy to regulate the luminescence properties of crystalline solids by varying the bulkiness of side chains at the molecular level. After graduating from IISER-TVM, I continued working in the research group of Dr. Hariharan for a year where I was looked at the role of side-chain engineering in regulation of intermolecular excitonic interactions in near-orthogonal donor-acceptor dyad, naphthaleneimide-peryleneimide (NP). At UIUC, I joined the Rienstra lab for my graduate research. I am fascinated by the possibilities in solid-state NMR which uses physical chemistry methods to address pertinent questions in structural biology.



Selected honors and awards

  • Institute Gold Medal and School of Chemistry Gold Medal, IISER Thiruvananthapuram,2011-2016
  • INSPIRE Fellowship, 2011-2016



Selected Publications

"Long Alkyl Side-Chains Impede Exciton Interaction in Organic Light Harvesting Crystals", Nagarajan, K; Gopan, G; Cheriya, R.T.; Hariharan, M. ChemComm, 2017, 53,7409-7411(Published online, June 6, 2017).

"V-shaped Oxydiphthalimides: Side-chain Engineering Regulates Crystallisation-Induced Emission Enhancement, Gopan, G; Salini, P.S.; Deb,S; Hariharan, M. CrystEngComm, 2017, 19,419-425(Published online, October 24, 2016).