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Research Scientist

Office: A129A Chemical and Life Sciences Lab (CLSL)
Phone: (217) 244-1583




B.S. Chemistry and Physics Tel Aviv University, Israel
Ph.D. Chemistry, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Postdoctoral Fellow New York Universityk NY

research interests

My general research goal is to develop and use new sequences for structural investigations of the samples, when the experimental conditions are extreme and the known methods are fallen to work. The extreme conditions can be low intensities of the pulses, ultra fast spinning speed or large anisotropic interactions. The second goal is to know and to learn different NMR magnets, which are used in laboratory and be able to solve the spectroscopic and technical problems in the future. In New York University during postdoctoral position in the laboratory of Prof. Alexej Jerschow I had developed and used static NMR methods for investigation of ions of sodium with residual quadrupolar coupling or bi-exponential relaxation when intensities of the used pulses were low. During my Ph.D. in Tel Aviv University under supervision of Prof. Amir Goldbourt I had developed the MAS NMR methods for measuring of the distance between half spin and the spin with large anisotropic interactions.



Selected honors and awards

  • The Gitte Vold Memorial Prize Lecture, 7th Alpine conference on Solid-state NMR, 2011, Chamonix-Mont Blanc, France
  • Student grand, EUROMAR 2014, Zurich, Switzerland


    Selected Publications

    "Analysis of large-anisotropy-spin recoupling pusles for distance measurement under magic-angle spinning NMR shows the superiority and robustness of a phase modulated saturation pulse", Nimerovsky, E., Makrinich, M.; Goldbourt, A. J. Chem Phys., 2017, 146, 124202 (2017) (Published online, March 28, 2017).

    "Low-power supression of fast-motion spin 3/2 signals.", Nimerovsky, E., Ilott, A.J.; Jerschow, A. J. Magn. Reson., 2016, 272, 129-140 (Published online, September 17, 2016).

    "Quadrupole Sensitive Pulse for Signal Filtering", Nimerovsky, E.; Jerschow, A. J. Magn. Reson., 2016, 265, 153-163 (Published online, February 15, 2016).