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Pulse Sequence development

Below are pulse sequences developed and/or utilized by our lab for the Agilent VNMRS and Infinity Plus platforms. Email the group for advise on implementation and use.

SPINAL-64 Comellas, et. al. JMR 2011 Effective optimization by adujusting phase angles in a coupled manner.
GFT Franks et. al. JBNMR 2010 G-Matrix Fourier Transform projection to acquire 3D and 4D SSNMR spectra in approximately 10% of the conventional acquisition time.
Site-specific Conformational Restraints Nieuwkoop et. al. JACS 2010
Nieuwkoop et. al. JCP 2009
Wylie et. al. JACS 2009
Franks et. al. PNAS 2008
Wylie et. al. JACS (Comm.) 2007
Wylie et. al. JPC B 2006
Franks et. al. JACS (Comm.) 2006
Wylie et. al. JACS (Comm.) 2005

High resolution structure determination using conformational restraints: ZF-TEDOR (15N-13C distances), ROCSA (CSA measurement), VEANs (vector angles), TMREV (HC/HN dipolar recoupling), 13C-13C distances.

SSNMR Proton Detection Zhou et. al. Angew. Chem. 2009
Zhou et. al. Angew. Chem. 2008
Zhou et. al. Angew. Chem. 2007
Zhou et. al. JACS 2007
SSNMR proton detection methods using dipolar based transfers for protein chemical shift assignments and protein structure determination.
MISSISSIPPI Zhou et. al. JMR (Comm.) 2008 Solvent suppression for proton detection SSNMR experiments.
J-Based Experiments (Carbon Detected) Tang et. al. JBNMR 2010
Tian et. al. PCCP 2009
Chen et. al. MRC 2007
Chen et. al. JACS (Comm.) 2007
Chen et. al. JACS (Comm.) 2006
High resolution carbon detected experiments using J based transfers.
FRESH Graesser et. al. MRC 2007 Detection of multiple 19F-15N distance in SSNMR.


Sperling et. al. JMB 2010
Franks et. al. JBNMR 2007
4D correlation experiment for chemical shift assignment of solid proteins.
CCC 3D Zhou et. al. JBNMR 2006 Band selective 3D CCC correlation experiment for SSNMR.
Selective Refocusing Pulses Li et. al. JMR 2006 Band selective pulses for SSNMR.
NCC 3D Sperling et. al. JMB 2010
Li et. al. Protein Sci. 2008
Kloepper et. al. JPC B 2007
Kloepper et. al. JBNMR 2007
Li et. al. ChemBioChem 2007
Rienstra et. al. JACS 2000
NCC correlation experiments for chemical shift assignments of peptides and proteins.

Check back soon as we add more about our progress in these endeavors.