Rodríguez - López Laboratory

Dr. Joaquín Rodríguez-López
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Faculty Affiliate, Beckman Institute
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Roger Adams Laboratory 58, Box 33-5
Urbana IL, 61801, USA
Office: (217)-300-7354
Lab/Student Office: (217)-300-0972

Curriculum Vitae

Recent Awards and Recognition

· Scialog Fellow, 2017
· Electrochemical Society - Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship, 2016-2017
· Royce W. Murray Young Investigator Award from the Society for Electroanalytical Chemistry (SEAC), 2017
· Sloan Research Fellowship, 2016
· Society of Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh (SACP) Starter Grant, 2015
· JCESR Director's Fund Award, 2014 and 2015
· Young Investigator Award, Energy Materials Center at Cornell, 2012
· ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Graduate Fellowship, Sponsored by Eli Lilly and Co., 2010

· Carl Storm URM Fellowship to attend the Gordon Research Conference in Electrochemistry, 2016
· International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) Travel Award, 2015
· Electrochemical Society (ECS) Travel Grant, 2015
·Midwestern Universities Analytical Chemistry Conference (MUACC) young investigator travel award 2014

Teaching and Outreach:
· Elected SEAC Board of Directors, 2017-2022
· Distinguished Service Award by the ACS East-Central Illinois Chapter, 2016
· List of teachers ranked excellent by their students, 2016
· ACS Chemistry Ambassador
·BRIDGE Collaborative grant between UIUC and the University of Birmingham (UK), 2015

Post-Doctoral - Cornell University
Prof. Héctor D. Abruña
Electrochemical characterization of single-layer graphene electrodes

Ph.D - Analytical Chemistry - The University of Texas at Austin
Prof. Allen J. Bard
The use of SECM for the detection of adsorbed intermediates on electrodes [link]

Bachelor in Science (LCQ) - Tecnológico de Monterrey
Prof. Marcelo Videa Vargas
Ion transfer across polarizable liquid-liquid interfaces for the detection of quaternary ammonium ions [link]

Dr. Jingshu Hui — Redox Flow Batteries and Nano-Electrochemistry
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
BS from Peking University, 2012
Ph.D. Electrochemical Mechanisms in Nanostructured Graphitic and Redox-Active Polymeric Architectures - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2017

Jingshu comes from the beautiful and mysterious China. During her undergraduate study, her project focused on functional Organic Field-Effect Transistors (OFETs). She hopes to do more advanced and interesting electrochemical research in the Rodríguez-López group. In her free time she enjoys playing sports, especially badminton and swimming. She also likes cooking and is now trying to get used to American food.

Distinctions: Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad, 2017; Best Oral Presentation Award and K.M. Abraham Travel Awards PRiME 2016/230th ECS Meeting, 2016; Fall 2016 Conference Travel Grant, Graduate College UIUC, 2016; NIST Summer school, 2014
Dr. Kenneth Hernandez-Burgos — Redox Active Polymers
Post-doctoral Fellow at the Beckman Institute

B.S. Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico, 2010
Ph.D. Carbonyl-Based Organics as Cathodes for Electrochemical Energy Storage - Cornell University, 2015
LinkedIn Profile

Kenny comes from the beautiful tropical island Puerto Rico. He earned a bachelor's degree in chemistry from the University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras campus in 2010. After graduating in 2010, he started the PhD program in the department of chemistry and chemical biology at Cornell University, joining Prof. Héctor Abruñas lab to work on the design and characterization of organic-based electrode materials for electrical energy storage applications. As a personal detail Kenny enjoys dancing latin music, specially salsa and playing guitar.

Distinctions: Carl Storm Underrepresented Minority (CSURM) Fellowship, 2017; Norman Hackerman Young Author award, 2017; Beckman Research Fellowship, 2016 (Postdoctoral Fellow); Postdoctoral Scholar of the AGEP-PAI, 2016; Bouchet Honor Society, 2015; DOW Best, 2014; Young Investigator Award, Energy Materials Center at Cornell, 2013; Jung-Hyun Oh Materials Innovation Competition, 2013; Bayer Teaching Excellence Award, 2012.

Graduate Students

Arneet Rajput — Polymer Electrochemistry and Redox-Flow Batteries
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
B.Tech in Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, 2015

Arneet is from the beautiful city of lakes called Bhopal in India. She graduated with a second rank in Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Bhopal. After bachelors, Arneet worked at Academia Sinica (Taipei, Taiwan), one of the world's most innovative research institutes. She has gathered experience in materials synthesis and characterization particularly in the field of supercapacitors and ARPES. Currently, Arneet is pursuing her masters degree (MS) in Materials Science at UIUC. Her research interest lies in energy storage devices and semiconductor materials. In Rodriguez-Lopez lab, Arneet is excited to work on polymer electrochemistry having applications in redox flow batteries. She likes to spend her free time by painting, dancing and going on outdoor activities especially hiking.

Kendrich Hatfield — Next Generation Battery Materials and Raman/SECM Imaging
Department of Chemistry
BS in chemistry from the University of Southern Indiana, 2017

Kendrich is originally from Indiana. At his undergraduate institution, University of Southern Indiana, Kendrich performed research in inorganic synthesis, photoelectron spectral computation, and metal ion analysis in various lake waters around the southern Indiana area. He looks forward to working with the Rodriguez-Lopez lab utilizing both electrochemical and spectroscopic methods to investigate battery materials. In his down time, Kendrich enjoys playing music and table tennis.

Marie A. Claudio-Cintron — Polymer Electrochemistry
Department of Chemistry
BS in Industrial Chemistry at University of Puerto Rico at Humacao

Native to the tropics of Puerto Rico, Marie has worked in synthesis of anti-tumoral compounds for the identification of potential antimicrobial agents from extremophiles. In her free time, you will find her reading a book or watching anime while eating ice cream.

Distinctions: : Outstanding Literature Seminar, 2017
Michael J. Counihan — Dynamic Measurements of Electrocatalytic Interfaces
Department of Chemistry
BS in Chemistry, BA in Music from Gettysburg College, 2016

Mike was born in raised in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA. At Gettysburg, he conducted research in the lab of Prof. Shelli Frey on the material properties of human skin lipids and in the lab of Prof. Luke Thompson on surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of gold nanorods. He also spent an unacceptably large amount of time playing trombone. Mike is thrilled to be in the JRL lab and expand his horizons to include electrochemistry. In his free time, Mike enjoys playing piano, listening to Classical/Romantic/experimental jazz music, and relaxing with a nice book.

Distinctions: : List of Teachers Ranked Most Excellent by Their Students, 2017; Mark Pytosh Fellowship, 2017; Roger Adams Fellowship, 2016; List of Teachers Ranked Most Excellent by Their Students, 2016
Zachary T. Gossage — Nano-Electrochemistry and Polymer Electrochemistry
Department of Chemistry
BS in Biology from Western Illinois University in Macomb, 2010
MS in Chemistry from Western Illinois University in Macomb, 2014

Zach is a native of Illinois and comes to UIUC from Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL. Throughout his studies at WIU, his research was focused on solid-state chemistry and molecular biology. His work in the Rodriguez-Lopez lab is related to electronics and technology and is focused on electrode fabrication methods and nanoscale electrodes. He enjoys reading research publications, cooking and hiking in his free time.
Matthew L. Kromer — Electrochemical Characterization of Peroxide Forming Materials
Department of Chemistry
BS in Biochemistry from California State University San Marcos, 2015

Matt comes from the sunny city of Escondido, California, where he graduated with a BS in Biochemistry from Cal State San Marcos. While the weather may not be as great here in Illinois, he is still very happy to be at UIUC and working in the JRL lab. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing (mostly at Urbana Boulders nowadays), hiking, eating, and hanging with friends.

Distinctions: : University Block Fellowship, 2016; List of Teachers Ranked Most Excellent by Their Students, 2015
Noah B. Schorr — Raman/SECM Imaging of New Battery Materials
Department of Chemistry
BS in Chemistry from Western Washington University, 2015

Noah is a native of western Washington. At the Western Washington University Noah worked in Dr. Steven Emory's lab designing optical systems to study the surface-enhanced Raman scattering of molecules on silver nanoparticles. In the Rodriguez-Lopez lab Noah hopes to study next generation battery materials. In his free time Noah can be found bouldering, juggling, or reading a book.

Distinctions: Outstanding Literature Seminar, 2016; Buhrke Fellowship, 2016
Elena C. Montoto Blanco — Redox Flow Battery Polymeric Materials Characterization and Design
Department of Chemistry
BS in Chemistry from Saint Joseph's University, 2014

Elena comes from the lovely island of Puerto Rico. As an undergraduate at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia she worked on optimizing the synthesis of pyramidalized alkenes. In the Rodríguez-López lab she studies the electrochemistry of redox flow batteries and develops new materials for these systems. When not in the lab she enjoys biking, yoga and trying out new restaurants. She also likes traveling whenever she gets the chance.

Distinctions: Academic Excellence, 2017; ACS Award for Outstanding Research Presentation at SACNAS Conference, 2016; Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship, 2016; Argonne Hispanic/Latino Club Scholarship, 2016; Ullyot Fellowship, 2016; Honorable Mention, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, 2016; SACNAS Conference Graduate Student Poster Presentation Award, 2015; Chinoree T. Kimiyo Enta Fellowship, 2015; St. Elmo Brady Fellowship, 2014
Undergraduate Students

Worapol SetwipatanachaiClass of 2019, Chemical Engineering

I am from Surin, Thailand (a city located about 400 km to the northeast of Bangkok). I believe that energy storage developments will have a significant impact to the world as electric cars and other technology advancements revolve around battery and sustainable energy sources. I am very excited to have hands-on experience and explore the potentials of electrochemistry in the JRL lab. In my free time, I usually hang out with friends and enjoy photography.
Zihan QuSpecialized Chemistry, class of 2019

I was born in Shandong, China, a province near the Pacific Ocean. I decided to study in the UIUC with my favorite major (Chemistry) since I visited the US five years ago and had a great experience. I like to hang out with interesting people and fascinating chemicals, so I really enjoy working in the JRL lab. I enjoy to play soccer and board games with my friends in my free time.
Heriberto Flores Chemistry, class of 2019

I am originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut but currently reside in Berwyn, Illinois. My parents hail from Guatemala and Puerto Rico - both of which I have visited several times. I am ecstatic to be a part of the JRL lab and to learn more about electrochemistry as well as the many analytical techniques that will aid me in graduate school. When not in lab or studying, I pass the time with film photography, playing classical & flamenco guitar, or going on road trips with my friends.
Mikhail KrumovChemical Engineering, minor in Mathematics, class of 2018

I was born in Bulgaria and still visit family there every year or two. Outside of lab and schoolwork I like to exercise and be outdoors, preferably hiking in the mountains. I hope to go on a lot of rock climbing trips with the club at U of I while I'm here. In my free time I also like to play soccer and basketball with friends.
Taeyoung Park Specialized Chemistry major, Class of 2019

I was born in none other than the robust, dynamic city of Champaign. While I am sometimes asked whether I ever get tired of my home town, the answer is no; and never. I am interested in energy, and sustainability and am very happy to be part of JRL lab. I spent two years in the Korean Army after my freshman year of college and like to play tennis in my free time.

Annie Jiang Specialized Chemistry, Class of 2019

I was born in Glendale, California and grew up in Northeast China. I like binge watching TV shows, dancing, graphic design, and occasionally hanging out with friends. Chemistry is a fascinating subject and I wish I can learn more at JRL lab and in graduate school in the future.


Dr. Zachary J. Barton - Ph.D. Chemistry, 2017. Dissertation: Spatially Resolved Ionic Measurements with Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy Distinctions: National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 2014; DOW Travel Award, Fall 2015; G. Frederick Smith Scholarship, 2012; Hannum Fellowship, 2012

Dr. Mark Burgess - Ph.D. Chemistry, 2017. Dissertation: Probing the Electrochemical Dynamics of Soluble Redox Active Polymers Distinctions: Norman Hackerman Young Author award, 2017; Milliken graduate research symposium, 2017; Yu Memorial Travel Award Winner, 2016; Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science Graduate Student Research Award, 2016; Academic Excellence and Good Citizenship award, 2016; ISE Division 6 Travel Grant for the 67th ISE Meeting in The Hague, Netherlands, 2016; National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 2015; University Fellowship, 2014; Analytical Methods Poster Prize for Best Poster at Turkey Run Chemistry Conference, 2014; Roger Adams Fellowship, 2013.

Dr. Burton H. Simpson - Ph.D. Chemistry, 2017. Dissertation: Probing Structure-Function Relationships at Catalytic Surfaces with Emerging Electroanalytical Tools Distinctions: SEAC Travel Award, 2017; MUACC Conference Best Poster Award, 2016; ISE Conference Best Poster Award, 2016; Eastman Travel Award Supplement, 2015; Chemistry Department Travel Award, 2014

Teresa C. Cristarella - M.S. Chemistry, 2014. Dissertation: Single layer graphene as a stable and transparent electrode for the measurement of non-aqueous electrogenerated chemiluminescence and charge transfer inverse photoemission. Distinctions: Honorific Mention, NSF.


Dr. Xuan Zhou 2014-2016 - Nanoresolved imaging of photoelectrocatalysts


Zhe Wang - Summer Student, 2016 from Peking University

Hung Nguyen -Summer Student, 2016 from Hanoi University of Science

Jasmine A. Davila - 3M REU Student, 2016 from Monmouth College Distinctions: Jasmine will be co-author in one manuscript.

Marissa Kneer - NSF REU Student, 2015 from Taylor University Distinctions: Marissa will be co-author in one manuscript.

Sona Avetian - NSF REU Student, 2015 form the University of Arizona Distinctions: Sona is a Co-author in one manuscript.

Amanda Genise - Class of 2016, Chemical Engineering

Philip Benson - B.S. Chemistry, Class of 2015. Distinctions: Dow Summer Fellowship, 2014; Undergraduate Fellowship, 2014; Phil will be co-author in one manuscript. Phil is heading to Iowa for an industrial job.

Richa Bhargava - B.S. Chemical Engineering, Class of 2015. Distinctions: Gieseking Research Award, 2014 and will be co-author in one manuscript. Richa is heading to Heinz in Pittsburgh PA.

Timothy Lichtenstein - B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, Class of 2015. Achievements:Tim is a Co-author in two manuscripts. Tim is currently a graduate student in Penn State University.

Minseok Kim - B.S. Chemistry, Class of 2015. Distinctions: Gieseking Research Award, 2014. Min went back to Korea.

Adam Chinderle - B.S. Chemistry, Class of 2014. Achievements: Co-author in two manuscripts. Adam took an industrial job in Indiana.

Nadia Elbaar - NSF/3M Research Experience for Undergraduates visiting student, 2013.

Daniel Ziegler - B.S. Chemical Engineering, Class of 2015. Dan took an industrial job in Illinois.

Anna Mesa - B.S. Chemistry, B.A. Spanish, Class of 2013. The first undergrad in the group!