Rodríguez - López Laboratory

Beautiful view from the JRL Lab perspective

Turkey Run Conference
JRL Lab representing UIUC

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A Day in Lab
Photos courtesy of Argonne National Lab

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Halloween 2015
Which one is Joaquin? Where is Joaquin?

The Group in Foreign Lands
Actually, it was Indiana University, we went by invitation of their ECS Chapter to see the presentation of Prof. Nate Lewis. This trip is becoming a new group tradition for celebrating graduate student appreciation week. Just like the first time we went to IU to see Prof. Allen J. Bard in 2013, bad weather chased us back to UIUC.

Our first group meeting in 2013
From left to right: Teresa, Burt, Jingshu, Tim, Anna, JRL, and Zack.

Burt Preparing samples in the Focused Ion Beam / SEM

Zack passes the test
You will need to peel an orange with one hand if you are to work with nano-electrodes

Paramaconi visits the lab and we do experiments
Thanks to BRIDGE and the Transatlantic Collaboration Fund!

Joaquin blocks electron transfer
In the Elecnano 6 conference in Paris: Prof. Allen J.Bard and Prof. Rudolph Marcus

Opening our first instrument box, back in 2012
With Anna Mesa, our first undergrad

Analytical chemistry seminar
Analytical seminars are about topics completely different to our group research - Mark went all the way to interstellar objects.

Zack presenting at the ISE meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2014

Sometime in 2013: Lab is up and running!
Wet lab, go!
Dry box, go!
Dark room, go!
Optics, go!
Electronics, go!
SECM, go!