Group Mission Statement

We pursue research in soft materials, biological imaging, and nanoscale systems using new methods in molecular engineering. Our research often relies on single molecule observations of polymers and proteins, and we aim to discover new physical and biological phenomena at the molecular level. Learn more.

Recent News

– Charles recently returned from giving an invited lecture at the Polymer Physics GRC in Massachusetts and a Keynote Lecture at the 2014 PACRIM Rheology Meeting in Melbourne, Australia. Welcome back, Charles!

– Professor Schroeder has received an Engineering Council Award for Excellence in Advising. Congrats to Charles!

– Charles Schroeder has been named a Beckman Fellow in the Center for Advanced Study for 2014-15 at the University of Illinois. Congrats to Charles! Read more.

– Amanda's poster titled "Synthesis of Biomimetic Branched Polymer Architectures" received a best poster nomination at the Materials Research Society Fall Meeting in Boston! Congrats to Amanda!

– Dr. Subhalakshmi Kumar has joined the group after finishing her Ph.D. with Professor Steve Granick in Materials Science and Engineering. Welcome Subha!

– Luke and Danielle successfully passed their Preliminary Exams. Congrats to Luke and Danielle!

– Yuecheng (Peter) Zhou from the Materials Science & Engineering Department has joined the Schroeder group! Welcome Peter!

Recent Publications

Nonequilibrium thermodynamics of dilute polymer solutions in flowOur recent manuscript entitled "Nonequilibrium thermodynamics of dilute polymer solutions in flow" has been published in the Journal of Chemical Physics. Congrats to Folarin and Kaiwen!

Characterizing performance using control-based approachOur recent manuscript entitled "Characterizing the performance of the hydrodynamic trap using a control-based approach" has been published in Microfluidics and Nanofluidics. Congrats to Anish!

Flavin-based fluorescent proteins: emerging paradigms in biological imaging Our recent manuscript entitled "Flavin-based fluorescent proteins: emerging paradigms in biological imaging" has been published in Current Opinion in Biotechnology. Congrats to Arnab!