Group Mission Statement

We pursue research in soft materials, biological imaging, and nanoscale systems using new methods in molecular engineering. Our research often relies on single molecule observations of polymers and proteins, and we aim to discover new physical and biological phenomena at the molecular level. Learn more.

Recent News

– Professor Schroeder has received an Engineering Council Award for Excellence in Advising. Congrats to Charles!

– Charles Schroeder has been named a Beckman Fellow in the Center for Advanced Study for 2014-15 at the University of Illinois. Congrats to Charles! Read more.

– Charles Schroeder has received a 2013 NSF CAREER Award for his work entitled "Molecular Rheology of Architecturally Complex Polymers”. Congratulations to Charles! Read more.

– Charles Schroeder has received the 2013 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research from the College of Engineering! Congrats to Charles! Read more.

– Charles Schroeder has been named as the recipient of a Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award for 2013. Congrats to Charles! Read more.

– Luke has been awarded a Robert Carr Fellowship from the Department of Chemistry for 2014-15! Congrats to Luke!

– Kaiwen and Danielle have been awarded Mavis Future Faculty Fellowships for 2014-2015. Congrats to Kaiwen and Danielle! Read more.

– Luke was awarded second place for his talk in the 10th Illinois Biophysics Symposium. Luke also won a travel grant from the Center for the Physics of Living Cells and the Center for Biophysics and Computational Biology! Congrats to Luke!

– Anish has been awarded the FMC Fellowship for graduate study during 2014-2015. Congrats to Anish!

Recent Publications

Engineering & Characterization of New LOV-based Fluorescent Proteins... Our recent manuscript entitled "Engineering and Characterization of New LOV-based Fluorescent Proteins from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and Vaucheria frigida" has been published in ACS Synthetic Biology. Congrats to Arnab, Kevin, Utsav, and Josh!

Automated single cell microbioreactor... Our recent manuscript entitled "Automated single cell microbioreactor for monitoring intracellular dynamics and cell growth in free solution" has been published in Lab on a Chip. Congrats to Eric, Utsav, and Melikhan!

Ultrafast Redistribution of E. coli SSB along ssDNA via Intersegment Transfer Our recent manuscript entitled "Ultrafast Re-distribution of E. coli SSB Along Long Single-Stranded DNA via Intersegment Transfer" has been published in the Journal of Molecular Biology. Congrats to Amanda!

Nonequilibrium Work RelationsOur recent manuscript entitled "Nonequilibrium Work Relations for Polymer Dynamics in Dilute Solutions" has been published in Macromolecules. Congrats to Folarin!

Fluidic-Directed Assembly Our recent manuscript entitled "Fluidic-Directed Assembly of Aligned Oligopeptides with π-Conjugated Cores" has been published in Advanced Materials. Congrats to Amanda and Melikhan! Read more.