Sweedler Monthly SubGroup Meetings


LC/MS: 2nd Monday, 9:30 AM, 71 RAL
Capillary Electrophoresis: 2nd Tuesday, 9:30 AM, 71 RAL
Imaging MS and Dynamic MS: 2nd Wednesday, 9:30 AM, 71 RAL


ORNL: Bluejeans conferencing: 3rd or 4th Thursday, 8:00 AM, by announcement
DRG/Fluidics: Nuzzo; 3rd Tuesday, 10:00 AM, 71 RAL
Biofilms: Shrout and Bohn; 2nd Thursday, 9:00 AM, teleconference
The Brain Initiative: Bhargava and Gillette; 1st Wednesday, 12:00 PM, BI 2369 - Side Conference Room

Every other month:

NIDA: 1st Thursday of odd months, 9:00 AM, teleconference
CNLM: 4th Thursday of odd months, 9:30 AM, 71 RAL
DAACP/DAA: 4th Thursday of even months, 9:30 AM, 71 RAL


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