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Jeffrey Moore photoJeffrey Moore is the Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018 Stephanie L. Kwolek Award winner, recognizing his exceptional contributions to the area of materials chemistry from a scientist working outside the UK. Chemistry News.
Left to right: Professor Huimin Zhao, Mohammad Hamedi Rad, Zehua Bao, Pa Xue and Ipek Tasan photoThe Zhao research group has created a system using CRISPR technology to selectively turn off any gene in Saccharomyces yeast. U of I News.
Scott Denmark photoScott Denmark is now a member of the National Academy of Sciences. His research encompasses the invention, stereochemical study and mechanistic understanding of new synthetic reactions. U of I News.
Alayna Johnson photoAlayna Johnson was awarded a prestigious 2018-19 Goldwater Scholarship. She was one of 211 undergraduate students chosen nationally. Chemistry News.
Gregory Girolami photoGregory Girolami receives a Campus Award for Excellence in Graduate and Professional Teaching. U of I News.
From left, graduate student Marcelo Melo, chemistry professor Zaida Luthey-Schulten, postdoctoral researcher Rafael Bernardi  photoZaida Luthey-Schulten and colleagues have built a "computational microscope" that can simulate the atomic and subatomic forces that drive molecular interactions. Their research may be found in Nature Methods. U of I News.
Yiang Diao photoYing Diao is one of 21 recipients nationally of the 2018 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award. ChBE News.
John Katzenellenbogen photoJohn Katzenellenbogen receives AACR Award for Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry in Cancer Research. He is being honored for his seminal work on the development of chemical and biophysical tools to study the estrogen receptor and also for his outstanding work in developing PET imaging agents. AACR article.
Paul Hergenrother photoPaul Hergenrother received the ACS 2018 George & Christine Sosnosvsky Award for Cancer Research. Chemistry News.
Wilfred van der Donk photoWith the Tavassoli lab, the van der Donk group reported the generation of millions of cyclic peptides to disrupt a protein-protein interaction during HIV infection. U of I News.
Kenneth Suslick photoKenneth Suslick has won the AIC Chemical Pioneer Award for his pioneering research on chemical sensing and molecular recognition and other efforts on sonochemistry and sonolumninescence. Chemistry News.

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  • Gregory Girolami - Campus Award for Excellence in Graduate and Professional Teaching.
  • Brendan Harley - LAS Dean's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
  • Kara Metcalf - LAS Staff Award
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