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Douglas Mitchell photoDouglas Mitchell has been named as one of this year's Dreyfus Teacher-Scholars in acknowledgment of his work in discovery and elucidation of pathogen-specific antibiotics. Chemistry News article.
Pictured, from left: Professor Huimin Zhao, professor Charles Schroeder, graduate students Luke Cuculis and Zhanar Abil.Charles Schroeder, Huimin Zhao, and colleagues used advanced imaging techniques to observe how one set of genome-editing proteins finds its specific targets. This could help to design better gene therapies to treat disease. UIUC News Bureau article.
Martin Burke photoMartin Burke and collaborators developed and tested targeted effective antifungal drug derivatives of amphotericin B that are less toxic yet evade resistance. UIUC News Bureau article.
Hyunjoon Kong photoHyunjoon Kong and colleagues applied principles of glacier moraine geology to their attempts to recreate a microvascular system for the possible treatment of vascular disease. Their work was published in the journal Advanced Healthcare Materials. ChBE News article.
Luis Real Hernandez photoLuis Real Hernandez, a junior chemistry major, has received a prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship for demonstrating leadership and academic promise in science or engineering. Chemistry News article.
Yi Lu photoYi Lu is the recipient of the 2015 RSC Applied Inorganic Chemistry Award for his original research on the catalytic activity of DNA in the presence of metal ions, and the development of a new class of sensors. Chemistry News article.
tine silicone microspheresThe Suslick and Murphy research groups used ultrasonic spray pyrolysis to make bio-inert silicone microspheres that potentially can be employed as extended-release drug vessels and also in imaging applications. UIUC News Bureau article.
Prashan Jain photoPrashant Jain to receive the 2015 Journal of Physical Chemistry C Lectureship Award in recognition for advancing the science of inorganic nanostructures by application of spectroscopy, microscopy, and theory. Chemistry News article.
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