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photo of Mitchell groupIn a study reported in ACS Chemical Biology, the Mitchell research group reports having developed a new technique to quickly uncover novel, medically relevant products produced by bacteria. IGB article.
photo of Sharon Hammes-Schiffer and So HirataSharon Hammes-Schiffer and So Hirata have the rare honor of being elected members of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science (IAQMS) Chemistry article.
photo of Jeffrey MooreThe Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) has named Jeffrey S. Moore an HHMI Professor. He is one among 40 other scientists given this honor in the last 12 years. UIUC News Bureau article.
photo Wilfred van der DonkWilfred van der Donk is the winner of the Royal Society of Chemistry's 2014 Bioorganic Chemistry Award. He was cited for his creative work on the chemistry, biosynthesis and mechanistic enzymology of the cyclic peptide and phosphonate classes of antibiotics.
photo of Thomas RauchfussThomas Rauchfuss is the winner of the Royal Society of Chemistry's 2014 Nyholm Prize for Inorganic Chemistry. He was cited for his career-long insightful contributions to the understanding of iron-based hydrogenase enzymes and his creative exploration of the organometallic chemistry of sulfur.
photo of Kyle DunbarMitchell group member, Kyle Dunbar is the recipient of the ACS 2014 Knowles Award. This graduate student award was based on his research abstract, publication record and recommendations. He will make a presentation at this year's Bioorganic Gordon Research Conference.
photo of Steven Zimmerman, Hyunjoon Kong, and Cartney SmithHyunjoon Kong, Cartney Smith, Steven Zimmerman and collaborators are using a combination of nanoparticles, a weak molecular "fastener" and gadolinium to improve MRI results. ChBE article.
photo Martin BurkeThe Martin Burke research group developed a simple system to synthesize a large class of medically important molecules using only 12 different chemical “building blocks.” UIUC News Bureau article, video.
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