A group focused on the synthesis, fabrication, and application of nanostructured materials


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(06/2018) Alumni news - Dr. Yung-Tin Pan (PhD, 2017) finished his postdoc training at Los Alamos National Lab. He will start his own research career as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering of National Tsinghua University. We wish him all the best!

(06/2018) Our work on the formation of dish-like higher-ordered Pd nanostructures appeared in the June issue of Nano Research. It was featured as the cover of this Special Issue. This work examines how the ion-ligand complexation affects the formation kinetics of 2D nanomaterials.

(05/2018) We welcome Siva Arumugam to join us under a visiting program from Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST). Siva is supported by a Presidential Fellowship from DGIST.

(04/2018) Congratulations to Minghua for receiving the Phillips 66 Scholarship, and to Huayang for the Bruno H. Wojcik Scholarship!

(04/2018) Jack was selected as a Widiger Fellowship recipient. Congrats!

(03/2018) Yanling Ma joined our group. Yanling came to us from Shanghai Jiaotong University and is supported in part by CSC Scholarship.

(02/2018) Thao received a Hanratty Travel Award to partially support her attendance of the coming MRS Spring Meeting in Arizona. Thao will give two presentations at this meeting. Congrats!

(01/2018) We welcome Miaoyan Huang to join our group. Miaoyan came to Illinois from City University of Hong Kong.

(12/2017) Our work on porous perovskite electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction (OER) has been included in the Virtual Special Issue on Novel Catalytic Materials for Energy and the Environment.

(11/2017) Congratulations to Thao for winning the Lam Research Corporation Scholarship.

(11/2017) Congratulations to Jack and Thao, this year’s winners of the Graduate Research Symposium from our group! Jack was awarded the second place in poster presentation on the acid-stable pyrochlore oxygen evolution reaction catalysts, while Thao won the third place in oral presentation on her study of durability of Pt-based electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction using in situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS).

(10/2017) Graduate student, Cheng Zhang (Tsinghua Univ.) and visiting student Yu Zhou (Tianjing Univ.) jioned our group. Welcome!

(09/2017) Using the popular capping agents of oleic acid and oleyamine, we uncovered growth models that can be used to quantify the growth kinetic of nanocrystals. This work appeared in Nano Letters (open access) as an AuthorChoice article.

(09/2017) We welcome Prof. Chuan Shi and Prof. Huijuan Zhang to join us as visiting scholars, supported by CSC scholarship program.

(08/2017) Jaemin and Jack's work on acid-stable, pyrochlore Y2Ru2O7-x oxygen evolution catalysts for water splitting was published in Journal of the American Chemical Society (open access). Effect of yttrium on the activity and stability is analyzed. Congrats!

(08/2017) Our work on selective methanation of carbon dioxide by rhodium-on-palladium nanocatalysts appeared as a Very Important Paper (VIP) in ChemNanoMat. Good job, Frank!

(07/2017) We welcome Prof. Haidong Zhao and Dr. Wei Gao to visit us for a year, sponsored by the CSC. We also welcome the undergrauate interns, Kaitian Mao (USTC), Lei Pan (SJTU), Zhen Jia and Yu-Ang Shi (both from Tsinghua) to start their summer research this month.

(06/2017) Kai-Chieh successfully defended his thesis. He will join Intel after his graduation this summer. Best wishes to our newly-minted Doctor!

(04/2017) Jack passed his prelim exam. Good job!

(04/2017) Congrats to Zaid Al-Bardan for being selected as a winner of the ChBE Undergraduate Research Symposium. Zaid is also a recipient of this year's Glenn E. and Barbara R. Ullyot Scholarship.

(03/2017) Kai-Chieh received a Widiger Fellowship in Chemical Engineering. Congrats!

(03/2017) Congratulations to Thao who was selected to participate in the prestigious Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting this summer! See UIUC Grad College webpage for detail.

(02/2017) Thao passed her prelim exam. Well-done!

(02/2017) Congratulation to Kai-Chieh for receiving a Hanratty Travel Award!

(01/2017) Drew and Talha have successfully passed their quantitative qualification exam in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Congrats!

(12/2016) Yuan-Tin (Frank) Pan successfully defended his PhD thesis. Dr. Pan will carry out his postdoctoral research at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Congrats for a job well-done!

(11/2016) Pei-Chieh (Jack) received a Conference Travel Award from Graduate College. Congrats!

(10/2016) We welcome graduate students Talha Al-Zoubi (U of I at Chicago) and Andrew Kuhn (Purdue U), and visiting graduate student Xiaofei Lu (Zhejiang U) to jion our group!

(09/2016) Our work on the creation of AgPt compositional intermetallics from two “immiscible” metals appeared in Nano Letters.

(09/2016) Kai-Chieh's work on the continuous production of carbon-supported Pt3Ni octohedral and Pt cubic catalysts using a novel conveyor transport system was published in Small. The paper was featured as the Frontpiece Article. Congrats!

(08/2016) Congratulations to Thao Ngo for receiving an Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) Award from U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)! Thao will work on using in situ X-ray and TEM techniques to study the structural dynamics of catalysts for fuel cell and other applications.

(05/2016) Yung-Tin (Frank) Pan just won a Dissertation Completion Fellowship. Congrats!

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